Just sharing my story

Today, I received a text blast at 11:59 am from a signing service offering an assignment for $165 that had to be completed and scan back by 6pm. The only reason I am writing about this, it shows companies can pay afford to pay reasonable fees for assignments. Excluding the fact it’s a last minute signing assignment.


Good for you Carl - to me, a six-hour window is plenty and yes, you’re right - they CAN pay when they need it done.

When I got the calls scheduling a mere 2 hours ahead of time I used to explain our demographic here and asked for latitude to change the time with the consent of the signers. Companies usually agreed


Thank you. It’s one that newbs need to see. Yes, they can do MUCH better than they have been lately. And this thru an SS, too! And, while ‘same day’, with 6 hrs. lead time–that’s not really awful.


Yes, what you stated is true.

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Being semi-retired now, I mostly only take the last minute assignments as you have stated they pay much better. I don’t leave the house for anything under $90. The young guns can have the $80 to $90 purchases and refinances.

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Last min. is a 1-2 hr window. But 6 hrs, no sweat and no story.

I think it’s a great story showing they can and WILL pay a fee that allows for reasonable profit for the notary. I get about 2 dozen ‘offers’ every week that would cost me money if I accepted them…and that’s BEFORE factoring in the distance involved.



My current direct experience mirrors @Arichter 's with at least 2 dozen/week with fees TOO LOW to consider accepting even if nearby (within 1 mile or so) . . .

As indicated, fee is TOO LOW even:



Concur :100: percent with @WeOCnotary-Rcho_Mission_Viejo


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@WeOCnotary-Rcho_Mission_Viejom, I respect your opinion and it’s okay if we agree to disagree on the meaning of “last minute”. Most companies will request a 24 hour notification from a LSAs to withdraw from performing an assignment. If hiring companies can have such a policy, why shouldn’t we?

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I’m very heartened to hear there are companies out there who understand extenuating circumstances. I usually try to get a fair fee if there are factors such as more than two signers, a scan, large document page count, must make shipping, or distance.

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Of course they can. They’re in business to make money as are we. Therefore they’re more likely to go with the bargain basement signing agent. Perhaps they’re paying peanuts in anticipation of having to hire a second notary to go out subsequently to fix the screwups. I just thought of that.

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