Just starting out

I am new to Texas Notary and wanted to see how this work. Do I get set signing sent to me or do I have to but up Ad’s?

Try reading all the previous posts about this on this forum and you’ll get your answer…and a whole lot of education.

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There’s a TX Notary FB page - I’d suggest you join that and get tips from your local peers. Not sure where you’re planning on focusing your notary practice, but if it’s loan signings (which many/most do) - your training program should have helped you with this.

P.S. - let me add here - did not mean to be that abrupt - if you search this site (magnifying glass upper right side of screen ) search “newbie” “getting started” etc - keywords like that - there is a wealth of information here - I know I posted a couple/three long posts about what to do to advertise effectively, as have many others.

Good Luck

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