Just when I thought I'd made every mistake

It’s the usual hectic day with appointments lined up. Note to self: Never say, “I’ll just get gas in the morning!!!” I dropped my UPS package because the next 2 are Fedex. I need gas. I’m now in a rush because the line at UPS was CrAzY! I peel into Kroger gas station. I never go here and was surprised to see the lines at every pump. I don’t have time for this! I looked down at the very end pump and no line! Awesome! I make my was down and fill up. Pay at pump said $54.99. WHATTTTT? It’s usually around $40.00 to fill up. I look down at the receipt, and guess what? I just bought RACING FUEL! On the bright side, my acceleration was way improved! Lesson learned! So stupid, I just had to share!


If I were you, I’d check with my mechanic and make sure you don’t need to get it drained. From what I’ve seen/read, using this fuel in regular street cars can cause damage to the vehicle, including damage to the catalytic converter.

Sorry this happened to you. Good Luck


Never heard of “racing fuel”. What state are you in

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South Carolina. I guess people also buy it for boats. It’s high octane and zero ethanol.

You gave me a good laugh this morning. This sounds so much like a few situations I’ve gotten myself into regarding stopping for gas. Each time I think I have learned my lesson, but sure enough, somewhere down the line I get tempted to “push the envelope” again, and once again disaster looms. Thanks for sharing. Have a joyous holiday season.

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Thank you @Linda_B ! You have a wonderful Holiday Season and remember, NEVER get “gas in the morning!” LOL

What octane was it 110? What kind of vehicle are you driving? I think you should be fine. I would just try to go through that gasoline as fast as you can. Stronger octanes can wear down rubber o-rings.

My car seems just fine. I have an oil change scheduled next week and I’m going to ask my mechanic. I don’t even know what an O-ring is? LOL

An o ring is a ring made of rubber or a similar material that is intended to keep fluids (like oil) from leaking out. Engines are chock full of o rings.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons editor Calvero

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When you burn down 1/2 a tank refuel with your regular gasoline. This will reduce the overall octane of the racing fuel.

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This is hysterical​:joy:thanks for sharing it I am laughing out loud! We have racing fuel at our pumps here in Michigan too​:joy::joy::joy:

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