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I have been getting these signings through Superior Notary Services where they require the Notary to place their name on an Affidavit as a Representative of Lakeview Law Group. Has anyone completed one of these and what could the ramifications be down the road?


I have not worked for either entity, but I would not put my name down as a representative of ANY COMPANY other than my own.


I don’t agree, LindaH-FL.

When you accept an assignment and receive an assignment sheet, a contractual relationship is established with the signing service, which by stating the lender’s name on the assignment sheet as their client extends the relationship to the lender.

Said relationship does therefore make you a representative of the lender.

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Law Group concerns me. If these are debt relief signings, I wouldn’t want to be the rep. Heck, I wouldn’t take the job so it’s a moot question.


We’ll agree to disagree, Judi; he’s not talking about a lender - he’s talking about a debt settlement assignment and law group. who will deny any relationship with him at the drop of a hat. And in the instance of a real estate signing - lender has no idea who’s going out - it’s lender to title to signing service sometimes- IMO I don’t represent any of them - I’m there at their request only.

And IMO, we are all independent contractors - we go to the signers FOR the company but we do not “represent” the company (title, lender, law firm, etc) - we are there at their request as an IC - “representation” takes on an entirely different definition with more legal ramifications.

I agree with Arichter - I would not do the debt relief signing anyway - this having notaries go out is merely a means to skirt the “face-to-face” requirement of the FTC.



If you place your name on a document then sign it stating you are a representative, are you not taking on an additional responsibility acting as an agent of the law group? I reviewed my IC contract with the signing service Superior Notary and no where does it have language of subrogation from any of its clients.

I have received and turned down about four of these assignments the last three being in as many days. I bring it up on this forum to alert others as these type of signings may become more prevalent.


These things have been around for years - and because of their shady practices, many states have made them illegal…In fact, I think the FTC required of face-to-face came about as a result of these shady outfits.

Google this group - there’s a link for BBB complaints. It’s really sad people get taken by them.

Not my thing to sign in that capacity for someone unknown to me. When I worked for a large corporation, I had to sign as their representative but totally different situation. Type of transactions you are discussing are bottom feeder pond scum that my moral self says steer clear. Everyone has to make their own decisions on how to proceed.

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I dont take them and only worked w superior on refi or purchase a few times fees are too low ,and never these debt jobs
Good luck

I work for several law firms for records retrieval, affidavits, evidence handling and chain of custody, estate matters, etc. The Law Firms ask me to represent them in limited capacity to the aforementioned matters only. They make it clear I have no agency in any legal matter and should refer the client to the attorney of record should questions arise.

In the case of debt resolution, acting as a representative, you may be acting in agency depending upon your state’s financial statutes. This means you could be liable if something sours. While we can’t discriminate when it come to conducting a notarization, we can discriminate on who we work for when it involves 3rd parties.

As a side note, my SEO expert say Tax Pros should avoid using any phrase that includes resolution, i.e. Tax Resolution, on our websites, online marketing, and Google Business Profiles. Due to the unsavory practice by Debt Resolution companies, Google is known to block search engine results.

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@TheEyeNotaryLLC I have completed 3 in total

I personally blocked Superior from sending me assignments. They all seemed to be debt settlements and i refuse to take part in them. I have read too many bad things about them.

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