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I’m so devastated about the fact that I now know we are apparently only vendors, no matter the job performance or how long… out of the blue I received a “defect” that a ENTIRE MORTGAGE WAS BLANK. Mind you the average entire packages are about 27-33 pages of which the mortgage is 20!! Then a week later ANOTHER! Here’s the worse part, to always back myself up I scan every single sign/date page regardless… plus I still got them a second signature, same day… guess what my signers said? We remember you asking us to make sure our names are spelled correctly first!! So I send the signed page to point out it must of been lost on arrival or trashed by accident… IGNORED! Yep it must be the signing agent…I get dinged and a week later I send a very professional email in to ask why when I had proof and I get one sentence back saying final decision, AND GET dinged another percentage for asking a second time!! I even left my lender for this lender and always put them on a pedestal! I had my calendar filled with them, constant payments and now nothing because of 3% and who knows what else was done, I’m actually paranoid that someone did this on purpose! How can I trust them when I have proof it was signed and dated and NEVER had an issue or missed anything on three years??? I’m so hurt and of course worried that I cannot say the name anywhere, I truly feel this was done on purpose… I have print outs of customer comments and reviews too so I looked up higher end employees but scared to ask… why would they not want to know is an employee within is doing something possibly?? Has anyone ever been in this situation? As much as I’ve built up so far plus every last week of the month I’m not available due to local work that I’m close to throwing in the towel because I believe in loyalty, trust and professionalism at all times and I was slapped in the face… anyone gave advise??

Not sure I’m understanding this. How can an entire mortgage be blank. Still have the scan? If so, then you have proof it wasn’t blank and, as you’re already defected to the polint of no return, you’ve got nothing more to lose by taking this as high up the chain as needed to prove them wrong. And I wouldn’t start with whoever you’ve been corresponding with…go over their head.


Ask them to send you a copy of the “blank” mortgage. Compare the copy they have and the one you have. I’ve had this problem in the past which is why I scan each document package and hold it until I get paid. Any complaints about defects can be addressed objectively. I’ve had to eat a bowl of crow when I’ve erred, and had to conduct a resign. Most often it either the TC or more likely the contract processor who’s made the error, lost a document, their document scanner “ate” a page, fell behind the scanner…

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Usually, every page of the mortgage is blank except the signature page. The question is, are you stapling an acknowledgment to the signature page? That is a killer move for most high-speed scanners.

@ewing_joe not to be nitpicky, bug gonna pick some nits again…lol

I get your point but not quite, Joe. Pages 1-2 (maybe page 3 depending on formatting) has information to be inserted … Grantor and Grantor info, Lender and lender info, loan amount and citation tying it to the promissory note it secures.

Not sure if OP meant an entire blank template or just the signature/notary page(s). That is unclear

Don’t be nice. BURN these idiots. Being nice will get you no where.
Ask questions, tell them you are going to contact a higher office
a bureau, anything.

Mortgages are colony state docs we seldom see out here on the left coast. The ones I do only require signatures and dates.

My recommendation is that, going forward, you scan the entire package. Then, you have proof that your document was completed properly. Right now, it’s a you said / they said situation.

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