Laser Printer for my Car!

Would anyone please recommend a laser printer for the car?? I have a USB port if that is needed. I just hate having to run home to print a package that I should have gotten in-between closings! If I come home, my sweet dog thinks I am there to scratch his belly! (Which I do, because it is law!!)

You’re going to need a good power supply to print in your car - an inverter sufficient to power it with professional installation to protect your vehicle. If you search here for “mobile printing” or “printer in car” or “mobile setup” or something along those lines you may find some posts that will help. But from what I’ve read, just plugging into a USB port will not be sufficient.

Good Luck

There are several very good Utube videos on this . The wholw key is the inverter that you use along with the battery.I can set one of these for you it is all mounted on a peice of plywood if you would like give me a call and we can get you going Jeff 405-410-2830

Hi Jeff, What’s the cost of this set up?

It runs about 1000 to 1300 dollars you need to remember that you will need a printer and a scanner,conveter and a deep cycle battery unless you want to run it off the car battery which I do not think I would not do .You need plywood and


of it can be bought on Amazon or eBay so it mainly depends on you .If you would like to discuss this in more detail send me your email and we will see about talking over the phone

They also sell standalone inverters with built-in batteries that don’t connect to your car at all (you then charge them at home), for a laser printer you would likely need a beefy one that can handle at least 1000 watts of output though. They also cost about $1000. I like this better than hardwiring one into my car, because then the expense is not limited to one single vehicle.


Just thinking outside the box here… to start, instead of making such a big investment early on… how about you just get a smaller printer (some $100-$150 lasers are only slightly bigger than a shoe box and weigh maybe 10 pounds). You could then carry the thing anywhere, a fast-food restaurant, Panera, café, signer’s home, etc. These won’t have dual trays, nor be super-super fast, but IMHO mobile printing is more of an in-a-pinch type solution, not your everyday go-to.

Yet another alternative, is get a dual-tray printer for the car, but bring a 75 foot extension cord (rated to handle the printer’s needs). Can’t imagine folks not letting you plug in to print their own docs (because lender/title couldn’t get them to you earlier). Depending on how outgoing you are, you can also easily get permission from small businesses you frequent to plug in for a few minutes, preferably behind the store away from foot traffic. Also, most public parks in my town have outlets in their gazebo areas for public use. None of these solutions are fancy, but they can easily get you by while you generate enough profit to pay for the fancier solution.