Laser toner cartridges

I’m looking for laser toner cartridges I have checked out HP and Amazon. Need a better deal.

QuickShip Toner

Just to name a couple that folks have used; I used QuickShip for both my Brother MFC and my HP4300

I went on to Quikship and found the Brother toner I normally pay over $100 for for under $20. It’s either a re-filled cartridge or a similar product but cannot be genuine. The last time I tried knock-off toner it nearly destroyed my printer. When I called Brother support they asked me if I was using a genuine product and I had to confess I wasn’t. I simply cannot have a printer out of commission and the ‘similar’ cartridge didn’t work so overall, a waste for me. I shop Office Max and Staples, whichever store offers the best price I will buy from. If one is closer but has a higher price, I will print out the ad and take it in to the store for a price match. That’s the only way to save money on toner, besides printing the borrower’s copy on ‘save toner’. I also noticed that for Brother printers that save toner still prints decently even for the lender’s copy. So after a year of only printing one set ‘save toner’ I now print both. I still go through one cassette of toner per 10 box ream of paper.

Try Amazon. They are a little cheaper, but are the genuine product. Staples will meet their prices too.

I go to office depot to buy new and return - as a club member I get discounts as well. My printer operates with just black cartridges no need for color.

Thanks everyone. Problem solved.

I have been using LINKYO toner and drums for about 8 years in my 2 Brother laser printers with NO problems at all.
I use the 650 toner and the 620 drum units and they usually go for around $70 for 2 toner cartridges and 1 drum unit.
These are high yield toner cartridges (8000 pages) and drum good for around 25,000 pages. I have an MFC 8480 DN dual tray as well as a HL 5370DW dual tray.

LD products… They are remanufactured but I have always done very well with them. I believe the cartridge that fits my hp printer is $200 and I get a remanufactured one from them for $79. This is for the 87 x and it is 18000 pages. I started out with brother printers but with the volume that I do I tend to kill them pretty quickly, and because I’m buying ink constantly it’s actually more expensive than the more expensive cartridges for HP which include the drum with every cartridge so there’s not an extra expense. I find I’m saving money with the HP printer and it takes a beating.

LD Products IMO are terrible. They leave toner dust all over the inside of my printer and make for messy copies. Trouble with printer pointed to parts gunked up by toner dust. Will never use LD again.

Like I said, they are remanufactured. I’m not paying $200 for a new one. So who’s better? Who are you buying from?

I always buy the toner for my Lexmark laser printer from Print.Save.Repeat. Just
go to Amazon and type in Print.Save.Repeat. It will take you there. I tried so many
but this is the best one.

I use Amazon and ask for Compatible laser toner cartridges for … name/model of computer. I have had very good luck and usually buy 3 at a time for under $50


I use INK Technologies. Been using them for years. Never a problem. (

Murray Ackerman)

Why don’t you try Ebay?

I am having excellent cartridges and service try Cartridge World have a web site

I’m sorry for posting here but I want to thank you because your posts really helped me out if to speak about cartridges, thanks

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