Last minute cancellations are costing me a fortune

Busy as we all are these days, you’d think filling cancellations would be a piece of cake. Right? NOT when they occur 60 to 90 minutes prior to the appointment!

Come on, that’s just rude! The title company surely knows far sooner that documents are not likely coming their way. Why keep the signing agent dangling, wasting a block of time on his/her calendar that s/he can fill with a PAYING job?

I’ve had 18 - yet, 18! - last minute cancellations this month… and it’s only the 16th. That is a whole big chunk of missed money, people!

How do you all deal with last minute cancellations? Do you write them off as bad debt? Do you blast the company and never accept orders from them again? How do you deal?

I had 3 cancellations this month from a company I’ve done business with for 4 years and were always very good. I asked them wasup? They told me they have had a lot of new hires (and fires) due increased volume of business. I suggested since they are new should step up QC for these people myself and a lot other good notaries will be walking away from them. Told them to pass my words on to the powers that be and I also sent a complaint email. This is not the only company that has had this happen. Now before I take a signing I ask do you have the docs? If they don’t have docs, tell them I must receive 24 hours prior to signing or they will need to give assignment to someone else.

I agree with everything you said. I ask what kind of signing, seller, buyer, refinances, etc. Then I ask the amount of downloads, and the pay. I always try to get at least 5 or 10 dollars more, most of the time they do up the price.