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I saw a post on facebook, speaking on the topic of purchasing leads from BlueNotary. I am entering my second year as a member with the BlueNotary RON platform. I never knew about the option to purchase leads from the platform. Yesterday, I chatted with their support and it was explained that their leads come from a lists of customers or businesses that used BlueNotary’s RON services. As a licensed insurance agents, I have used direct mailers and purchased lists . Not to get to deep into the workings of such things, leads are just names, addresses (phone # or email addresses). It’s great sources for generating activity, there’s no guarantees of any sales being made. So, I wonder how leads will work for notary services. Here’s a question, have anyone purchased leads to generate business? If so, do you mind sharing your results?

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Hi I don’t have experience with purchasing lists. Are these lists of title companies?

This is straight out of a scene from the play / movie (1992) Glengarry Glenn Ross. If you’ve never seen it, look it up. Thanks for giving me a smile early in the day.

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@TX_Roxie BlueNotary doesn’t provide a list of title companies. Their leads only consist of their customers and companies that have used their services in the past. We can create our own lists of title companies by doing the work, such as using search engines to look up title companies and other signing services. Of course there are other reference sources to identify companies, but at the end of day it all about using your own sweat equity.

One of my favorite movies.

I was the southern california regional sales manager for a lead based insurance sales company in the late 80’s early 90’s. I was a lot like the Blake character in the movie Glengarry Glen Ross and the sale leads were an incredibly important part of the success of the sales people. These leads were $10 apiece and the cost was deducted from the agents advanced commissions. But as in any sales group 20% of your agents comprise 90% of your sales no matter how “hot” the leads are. I witnessed a lot of failures. I cannot see the difference in just paying Google per click but surely notary leads would become stale overnight. Also the ROI is laughable.

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I had a notary client buy a list to use and it consisted of scraped lead data with over a 70% “non-contact” rate, meaning the information old and no good. It was mostly local businesses which would not have any need for notary services ever. In short they are selling absolute garbage.

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Thats a scam. You cannot by leads for notary assignments. You got to do the work and sign up vendors/clients. There is NO easy road to success…

@ewing_joe and @christian - After speaking with the support team of BlueNotary, who explained it was a list consisting of their previous customers and businesses that used the platform. I understood the true value. My perception of their offer was at $.03 a lead, it would be good only for getting a lists for cold calling and drip marketing. Sure anyone can research and create their own lists.

So wouldn’t that be the same as me going through my NOTARY journals and making a list of the signers and then selling it? you see that’s what everyone’s afraid of with remote online notarization. There’s no personal appearance. These are just names so why would any of those big companies even care?

@ewing_joe, you hit the nail on the head! List building is a collection of data. It has nothing to do with remote online notarization. Companies have been selling lists for ages, it’s nothing new. Do you remember the “yellow and white pages” in the phone book?

LOL, That’s where I got my Glengarry leads from.

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