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Greetings all,

Im a new loan signing agent and I want to ask if there are any live classes or live webinars that go step by step and teach you how to notarize, sign, and explain each document in a loan package besides Mark Wills and NNA. I’m mainly focused with sitting down with someone who would show me how to do a loan signing one on one as I need a visual and hands on teaching basically mentor for a few sessions.

I live in Volusia county so feel free to reach out if willing to help pass on what you have learned.


Hi Volusia County! Columbia County here :smiley:

Check with Notary2Pro - I believe they have videos you can watch and a simulated closing to observe.

Good Luck - and kudos to you for realizing you need more than what the other two offered (hope you didn’t pay LSS high fees for nothing).

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My personal experience:
When I initially started performing this work, I successfully completed MULTIPLE training/certification programs including Notary2Pro & NNA and many others. I have extensive experience in skill sets that require certification and recurrent evaluation tests; i.e., I’ve maintained my Project Management Professional [PMP] certification for more than 20 years. So, I understand what it usually entails and the elements that should be included within a comprehensive training program.

Regarding the NNA training specifically, it’s lacking across multiple topics & categories. Many NNA “graduates” choose to take additional training courses elsewhere, because they sense they’re insufficiently prepared. Their primer has errors throughout. Their hotline is less than reliable for accurate responses.

In my experience with undergoing the multiple training programs for certified notary signing agent [CNSA] certification, hands-down without question, Carol Ray’s Notary2Pro training programs are optimum in this industry. I’ve successfully completed ALL of the multiple training/certification programs that Carol offers through her company Notary2Pro. Her programs are thorough & detailed including video training. These also prepare the business owner to operate a business. In addition, she offers Mentoring services. I found those to be excellent & INVALUABLE when I was initially starting out in this business sector. The prices are surprisingly reasonable. :white_check_mark:

I’ve professionally compared the training/certification programs available at Notary2Pro with the others I’ve successfully completed. The ONLY training/certification program I recommend is Notary2Pro.

A list of companies that hire Notary2Pro graduates (with minimal or no experience) is provided to successful course graduates. => This list is pure GOLD! Study up, refresh your notes, & let Carol know when your initial few signings are scheduled. She is a wonderful mentor & can be on standby in case you encounter difficulties or have questions during your first few signings. She’s the Best! Her support will help you Build your Confidence in providing this service. :trophy::white_check_mark:

In addition, Notary2Pro works diligently to keep this list up-to-date regarding vetting and viability. As we all know, some reliable clients can encounter financial difficulties and that, in turn, can negatively impact CNSAs directly.

Of course, your best bet would be to visit their website at https://www.notary2pro.com/ , research, and make the choices appropriate for your situation. The training programs by Carol Ray are comprehensive, thorough, & timeless. :sparkles::tada::sunglasses:

P.S. I receive no compensation or remuneration of any type or kind as a result of my first-hand experiential review above.

If you want someone to help you in person, you may want to add what state you’re in. I felt like the NNA did a decent job. I don’t think the Notary2Pro course is that great. It’s outdated. You can find the same types of videos on YouTube for free. Mark Wills’ course actually shows him sitting down doing mock signings with a borrower step by step unlike Notary2Pro where she just reads from a powerpoint slide from like 10 years ago.

You could also try searching “notaries near me” and simply ask someone near you to help you out. Don’t be surprised if they don’t. I was told when asking for help from nearby notaries that I was the competition so they wouldn’t answer a single question LOL.

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YouTube and trial /error :woman_shrugging:t5:
I’ve been doing this for 7 months and quickly learned not many are willing to sit with you and teach you the documents which I understand because all documents are not the same. As you begin working with some of the same companies you learn their documents. Also you will learn a lot of the lingo on YouTube and through the NNA trainings. NNA memoirs definitely worth the money because you get free advice, tips and handbooks.Once you make a mistake believe me you won’t make the same mistake again. Good Luck and blessings