Leasing a Printer

I have gone through several printers and spent a lot on ink. I decided to lease one for $225/mo. Comes with ink, is fast and scand really fast and of course, free maintenance. So far I’m loving it and don’t mind scan backs now for the right price.

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Hi ginam, I know another signing agent who is doing this, who has a very high volume of signings. Personally, while my signing volume isn’t that high, yet (25-30 signings per month, currently), leasing seems fairly expensive.

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Hello ginam,
When you indicate the expense on “ink” - is the printer an InkJet? Or, do you mean toner and it’s a laser printer please?

Title/Escrow companies as well as County Recorders usually require printed documents to be non-water soluble (toner).

Documents printed on an InkJet printer will smear when wet.

Laser toner, and dual tray for letter and legal. If you go through 2 high yield toners/mo., than it can be worthwhile. I feel I can take on more jobs because of how fast it prints and scans.

I just began a lease for a printer. Includes toner and maintenance and 1k pages then .8 of a penny per additional copies
My monthly fee is 69.00. Has dual tray and continuous feed scanning. It’s a Kyocera. Used it for 2 jobs and so far I love it.
Looked into brothers and he. Besides on back order the toner costs would be astronomical. My opinion on purchase vs lease.

You can get LD High Yield toner for brother Dual Tray Printers (HL-L5200DWT or HL-L6200DWT for about 16.99 a cartridge (Brother Compatible) and Drums for about 25.00 a piece as well.

4Inkjets.com is where you can find cartridges and toner.

I print 10k+/mo, so it really as up and I never got but 1/2 the yield it states.

I’m currently leasing a Ricoh P800 which includes a 2nd tray, toner, and maintenance, plus 10,000 sheets for $137/mo.

Who are you leasing from?

Sorry, I’m not on here much. But I leased from Ricoh.com who sent me to a local sales company.

That sounds like a good price and for 10k sheets I used to spend 300ish/mo on ink. Tried off brand inks but just couldn’t rely on them. Mine is a Canon 715iF, so an older model but cones with as much ink as I need and a fast scanner