Legal and letter-size paper

What does this mean: “the biggest problem is printing the legal pages separate from the letter sized paper.” Do they all come together?

Usually, the docs come in a package of mixed letter and legal. Some will give you a choice of that or letter/together & legal/together (for those who do not have a dual-tray printer, this helps). They also might send a mixed package and tell you to print all legal if you don’t have a dual-tray. This is an expensive fix. NotaryRotary has a pdf converter that separates letter from legal and I believe gives you some sort of printout so you can get them back in proper order, but I’ve never used it. Was that your question?

I have used notary rotary sorter. It works good and does tell you what order they go in


What is a Notary Rotary sorter?

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Yes. And it was very helpful. I have a laser printer with one tray that converts to letter or legal. Would that work?

Yep. Did that for years, until printer died, then invested in dual tray and wished I’d done it earlier. You can get a good buy on a gently used or refurb on eBay.

My laser jet is fairly new. Do you think I should just bite the bullet and get a dual tray printer, or would the …pdf sorter from notary rotary do the trick? I don’t want to mess up on my first signing. How long does it usually take to prepare the docs?

The sorter will do the trick. As to rest of question…depends on your situation. How busy with signings you are. For all the years I used a single tray I always said I had more time than money. Totally your call. FWIW, I would definitely work with what I already have until you are so busy you don’t have time to fool with sorting. Don’t hold your breath until that happens. With single tray, used to take +/- 1/2 hr. Dual tray - 10 minutes and you don’t have to babysit the printer.

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You also might want to check to see if the printer you are currently using can have an extra tray added to it at the bottom- I didn’t know that was a thing until I looked at my Konica Minolta bizhub 20P, or my Brother HL-L5200DW. I saw one at the doctor’s office the other day that had 5 extra trays added at the bottom. Apparently, they connect with each other, and the printer knows when you’ve added another one.

I started with a converter. What a pain. to put them back in the correct order. Get a printer that prints both on command and let the program go. I purchased a Brother dual tray and it saved me! Not too expensive either.

A related side issue to this question is the difficulty finding legal size paper. Office depot in my area only stocks 1 case of legal paper in the store and it is $100 to $120 for 10 ream case. Sam’s Club in my area no longer sells legal paper. Is it time for the lending industry to redesign all documents to print on letter size paper?

Hello, we were all newbies at one time. The two main tools of our trade are our vehicle and printer/scanner. A single tray printer just doesn’t cut it, it is the wrong tool for the job. I realized this early on and bought a dual tray printer and, like every other notary, when I started using it I said what was I thinking! I should have done this after my third signing! In most businesses ROI is measured in years, for notaries it can be measured in weeks or less. It would take about 3-4 signings to pay for a good dual tray printer. I and many other notaries use Brother printers. They are reasonable in cost, are fast (35 PPM) and inexpensive to run when you use off brand toner cartridges. As Nike says “just do it” and simplify your life.

I also feel your pain. I now buy my legal thru Walmart online at less than $8 per ream. You don’t have to buy a full case either.

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Would you please recommend your favorite scanner? Mine can only handle 10 pages each time then I have to merge the files to send them in. Any suggestions I would appreciate and do you ever use an app on your phone called tiny scanner and does that work well enough

Online will deliver for free. They always have a coupon or sale legal $55. to $75 a box

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Office Depot legal paper