Legal paper deal

Tell me if this is a good deal? 60 Reams of Hammermill Copy Plus Copy Paper for $100. (Yes for all 60 reams)

Math works put to be about $1.67/ream … How much is shipping? And will you go through 60 reams?

A lot of 60 reams of Hammermill copy paper for $100 is a steal. Almost too good to be true, but HOLY COW… if it is legit, jump on it.

But second look… it was probably a typo: Hammermill Copy Plus Copy Paper 92 Brightness 20lb 11 x 17 White -... it now says 9 reams.

A case is 10 reams. So if they have only 9 reams and are still asking $100, it is NOT a good deal.

FWIW, you can get a FULL CASE (10 reams) of legal sized paper from an office supply store like staples for $99 plus tax:

But I am telling you the cost of paper from Costco is worth a membership:

$66 plus tax is really good.

@WeOCnotary-Rcho_Mission_Viejo With the quantity revision, not worth it.

FYI: In my experience, I’ve found COPY paper to be too thin for these types of transactions.