Legal paper needed

best place to purchase legal size paper?

I purchase at Office Max/Depot as well as Staples. I’ve seen posts about others purchasing at WalMart too.

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Office max has the best deal sometimes. I only buy a box at a time it comes in 5,000 sheets

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I bought a ream at Office Depot to get started and have since been doing a Google search using the shopping function to find the best prices. Newegg usually runs some good deals.

I buy a case at a time on Amazon, $82 prime and delivered to my house in one day.

You can order thru Sam’s Club it is about $62 a box

Walmart! is affordable and not expensive.


I have been a signing agent for 2 years and a mortgage banking executive for 40+ years. I really don’t understand why lenders and title companies even use legal sized paper. It’s really not needed. Your borrowers don’t have legal sized file cabinets to store their copies in. In my loan operations, we rarely used legal paper. In IL, recorders offices charge an extra fee to record legal sized docs. Office Max will have periodic sales, so I buy letter size by the 10 ream box. I order legal from Amazon, as it is considerably cheaper than other sources. Most times, it is difficult to even find legal paper at Walmart, Target, etc. and its twice as expensive.
If you have a 2 tray printer, you can easily print legal size. If you don’t, it will add approx. 15-20 minutes to your print job.


Office Depot, I pay $62–67 box of 10 reams legal size, have never paid more than that. I purchase 3 boxes at a time. Printer parts replacement, laser print cartridges are another regular added expense.

I buy legal paper at Walmart, 10 reams for $60, not bad. I’m still new, so I buy it 4 at a time which makes it super affordable for me.

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i’ve been buying paper for years. even from paper companies. walmart has best prices!!! legal and regular size. less that 4 bucks for 8.5 x 11. and i think about $6 for legal. the office supply stores go for like $12/ream legal. i tried having it delivered and UPS crushed the corner of box ruining at least 1 ream. walmart. it’s georgia pacific… good brand of paper.

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I get my letter and legal paper from Walmart…they have the best prices. Sam’s Club sells by the case (online).