Legal vrs Letter.. Does it Matter?

I’m not sure about Androids, but if you have an iPhone and you download the Adobe Acrobat app, you can clearly see the difference between letter/legal sized docs. It literally takes a few minutes longer, but you can print a few pages at a time and easily decipher the legal/letter dilemma. You don’t need all the extra equipment, just your phone. Although the extra equipment is nice to have too, but when I’m in a pinch, I use my phone to quickly print the different sizes.

Bear in mind that I am retired and only doing this part time. My business did over 32K last year with 20K coming via RON, which I started doing in April. The balance was as a mobile notary before I started sheltering in and I do not actively promote my business except for my listings on sites like Notary Cafe. There are a number of providers out there for RON such as Notarize and NotaryCam if you want to work with a company that cover the expenses of doing RON whose fees are low but provide the customers so you male up for it with volume. Or you could go with a company like DocVerify and make the full fee of what your state allows you to charge but you bear the expenses for using their site and having to find your own customers.


What was your annual fee for the technology required to do these? Just curious how that shakes out

Everyone will take all docs in legal size so as a general rule I print everyone in legal easier and faster… I but it by the case

When you get an average of $300 plus a signing and an extra $200 that legal paper roll cost for those 200 or so pages in paper us really no big deal

exactly! it can be cut down

At $300 per signing it’s not a big deal $$$ to print on legal, but the SS’s are paying $90 or $100’per signing. The note’s doing these … it is a major cost. Being a real estate broker, I have deal with legal … forever, but ALL letter size is sooo much eaiser besides cost effective.

Using that logic, you are throwing profit away. Using Staples pricing today ($34.99 Letter, $61.99 Legal) a 200 page doc package on letter costs $1.40 printing all on legal is $2.46. Whether you are doing high volume or only a few, investment is a decent dual tray laser will save you time and money. An average package (calculated over 6000+ closings) uses 75% letter and 25% legal. That is substantial additional PROFIT. It also saves time and gives what most title companies want. Print to PDF size.

I NEVER CUT PAPER. I send it the way I print it. Occasion I use letter paper for done companies, but for most the very little extra (meant to type about $2) per signing to print in all legal makes sense.

I gave a dual try, but I use a Mac with an m1 chip that does not allow the ability to print that way (also no advise works). It is faster with all legal

Total cost was $1270