Legal vrs Letter.. Does it Matter?

Couple weeks ago, we received a signing from an out of state TC. So we had to print out the docs.
Our instructions were to size everything to LETTER size. No legal. It was a refi , but if one TC can operate with just LETTER size…WHY can’t they ALL do this? Have any of you had this request? Viewing the most common mistakes made from us notaries…Its legal bottom cut off ! What a savings this would be … money wise & a great reduction in signings that had to be done a second time! What do you think??

Everything can be printed on legal just cut it afterwards.

That’s exactly what we don’t want to do, legal is much more expensive than letter.
I don’t know of anybody that wants to go to all the trouble of cutting legal down to letter size. :slightly_frowning_face:


I always follow instructions, print as requested.


Of course, we all follow the instructions sent with the order. That’s not my question … if this TC can close their order with letter size documents…accepted by the bank. Why can’t ALL documents be Letter size for all banks?
No more cut off bottoms. No more re-signings. NO more lost time, effort and confusion. LEGAL size is OLD school. We’re in the digital age. Your feedback is a appreciated.


We are not in their minds so…

Some states or counties require letter or legal so it differs for some and it’s unlikely every state and every county will ever be mandated to use one specific size. What bothers me is companies that say print “ALL LEGAL SIZE” yet they send a file of mixed letter and legal. I think they feel we aren’t smart enough to know to print on the appropriate size that is sent. I usually respond to those companies and say I print exactly as the documents are formatted whether legal or letter. I have never had a problem.

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I don’t think that’s what they’re thinking - I think they just figure print all legal and we’ll cut down as needed because not everyone can print by paper size without it taking forever. - especially those just starting out with a single-tray printer.


At least $15 more to buy legal than letter size. That cuts into my profit margin

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Which is why you price accordingly

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Some states or counties require letter or legal so it differs.

Really, I wasn’t aware of this. How can one find out …which is which ?

Some states and financial institutions still require certain documents to be printed on legal or it will be rejected when recorded. Your best option is to follow the instructions and use a program that separates into letter and legal, have a printer that reads and separates the package according to page size, or print everything on legal if you have permission from lender or title. This shows your willingness to deliver on what is needed by the company who contracted with you. The end result is repeat business, which ia what all of us want.

I thank you for that info. I do follow the inst., but when you stated that some states require Legal … i’ve always thought that the lending inst. was the one who required this size…had NO idea that it could be a states requirement.

Hi John

Keep in mind we’re in Florida - it goes by county here - each county having their own requirements…for example, in my county, for recording a deed, it states in addition to witnesses and notary

“* Specific format: 3” x 3" space at the top right of the first page, 1" around the sides and bottom, 1" x 3" at the top right of all other pages with 1" around the sides and bottom."

Could not find anything about page size but most I’ve seen are on letter size; further, there is a minimum font size required

I don’t think the recorder in any county in Florida will reject a document printed on legal size paper as long as their specific formatting is adhered to - it will just cost more to record.

Hello John,

I may be incorrect about some states requiring legal. I got that impression from having either lenders or title companies stating that the documents that get recorded need to be legal size or they will get rejected. Whatever the case, I began to make it a practice to send all my attachments received through a page separator, print according to the page size, and then reassemble according to the order received when I go through my final check of the documents before shipping the package. By the way, I should say I used to do that. As of September 2020, I officially made the decision to go fully RON for transactions and no longer handle paper. My business had its best year financially in spite of the virus and only doing mobile notary work for the first quarter.

Thanks Linda. We just had a second TC request that all doc’s be printed on Letter size. We just hope this keeps-up. Cheaper & easier!

I don’t much care what they say about printing on all legal. If the originals are mixed, the copy I print will be mixed, and I’ve never had a problem.

@FBagnato123 well, me too…because I have the equipment to do it…not all do

Anyone calling themselves a Signing Agent should have the proper equipment to produce quality loan packages. Anything less is someone not serious about this career.

Very interesting. Would you please give us details: platform, pay, etc.