Length of Time to Receive Pay

Relatively new signing agent here. Is it common to have to wait 30-45 days for payment after a closing?

In a nutshell…yup…or longer

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I keep orders from signing services to a minimum. Title companies usually pay same day or up to 30. Some signing services will take 30-60 days…I actually refuse work from any SS if they take longer than 30 days.

@vdrnach Always remember to make an important distinction when asking about payment turnaround time:

. “Is that 45 Calendar days? Or, 45 Business days?”

When one does the math, it reveals there is a much longer turnaround time for payment with the Business days counting ‘method’ . . .


NOTE: Industry standard is to be paid within a few days or up to 2-3 weeks of the successfully completed Signing Order; contingent upon whether working Direct or with a Signing Service.

Longer than that is simply not in your best interest as a business owner as your invoices for gasoline, turnpike fees, required supplies, etc. are usually due within 25 calendar days.


Also, remember to query that once the professional services are performed, payment is due & payable.

Fee is due and payable for services rendered at the time service is provided - regardless of/not contingent upon borrower(s) signing, the loan funding status, or the purchase/sale/refinance finalization status.

===>>> Thus, many items to verify with your potential new client when discussing/negotiating the terms of your professional services.


Hi, unfortunately yes it is common. So, a good rule of thumb is when accepting an assignment from Signing services or direct companies, discuss payment terms. If it is a Signing service, read the agreement and the pay terms are there. Most are NET 30 but some pay in 1 week, 2 weeks and…45 to 60 days.