Lessons Learned as a new NSA

  1. I dropped my notary stamp twice on floor at different signings. The second time it dropped the pad jammed and wouldn’t work at the signing. OH GOD NOOOOO…PLEASE HELP ME…I almost started crying. I finally fixed it. And soon as I got home I ordered a back-up Notary stamp.
  2. Always call the client to see if their drivers license is NOT expired before you leave your house for a signing.
  3. Make sure you have clients write down all their hundreds of questions before calling the E.O. or they will get mad cause usually they’re busy with other clients.
  4. Tell the clients I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY script.

I’m sure I will learn more as I go along.

God bless. Y’all be safe out there.


I carry a flashlight too, because I’ve done signings in rooms where there is almost no light or outside in the dark (due to Covid). I carry 2 clipboards for signing where there is no smooth surface or the table has a little too much leftover food stuck to it. I take a small folding table and chairs (I’ve sat in a driveway and on sidewalks) and an umbrella. I keep planning to bring a change of clothes (dogs, rain, mud) but never have gotten around to it. I usually bring 2 phones. One for GPS and one for calls. I’m in a rural area and it’s still legal to talk (but not text) while driving.


As a new agent in “the game”, I feel exactly the same! Last week I had a horrible experience at a signing… 1st when I got to the place the lady didn’t let me in because she’s “afraid of Covid19”, she excused herself for not having a place to do the signing, still didn’t have a table and chair for me to process the high volume of papers, 2nd she just wanted to get paid and never stopped asking when??? Regardless how many times I explained to her to address the question(s) to her escrow agent… 3rd we ended up doing the signings between my car and hers. 4th, started to rain and the night came upon us :confounded:
Did I mention that I saw a deck in the backyard!?.. well, she did, but I preferred to be in the driveway because the house looks like it was about to collapse and forget about the lack of cleanness :face_vomiting:
LESSON LEARNED: bring my own chair, folding table and flashlight!
FORGOT to mention that I got paid $85, when it should had been $125… if I have to go back to this person I just pass!