Let’s write NSA Song!

Friday is pretty bad for me. I woke up at 5:30am this morning in order to print and prep for today. I took a lunch break and came up with an “NSA Song” after I got back down from the mountains.

This is my lyrics! Please add you own lyrics to mine! Thanks! Add pics if you got them!

NSA Song:

God bless the NSAs…across the USA…
From the mountains, to the prairies,
throw the wind, through the snow they will go…

From the mountains…
Uhm, I have to get way down there?….

To the prairies….
Ok, this is not so bad….

Through the desert and the sand,
many don’t understand the struggles we face


Here is my entry :grin:

(to the tune of Glen Campbell’s “Wichita Lineman” Wichita Lineman (Remastered 2001) - YouTube skip the ad

I am a notary in this county
And I just took a glance
Searchin’ in the sun
for another refinance

I see your orders on the wire
I can hear my printer do the whine
And the California notary
Will still take the chance

I know I need a small vacation
But it don’t look like rain
And that big ol’ signing house down south
Will make me
stand the strain

And I need you more than want you
And I want you all the time
And the California notary
Still points where to sign


Awesome! Got any CA landscape pics!

Chorus: Just pay me oooon tiiiime! :smiling_face_with_tear:


Ok, that’s a good one ….:joy:

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“Don’t confuse us with the mailman, as he gets paid more to travel then I am”… :mailbox_with_mail:


:monkey_face::see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:…… sad but true :bowing_woman:t4:

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“And when we begin to hear the banjos play, sorry to say, we just turn away”

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Mailman gets paid more than a notary? Is this true?

For some… can make up to $40/hr in some areas


Don’t forget to factor in the full FED Bennies they get!


Going to apply on Monday!

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I would want hazard pay!..LOL

That may be for Alaska…who knows but the average salary is $45-$75k a year. Half my husband side of the family used to work for the post office @VIPnotaryCO they can’t afford you.

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