Let's do something fun!

Soooo tell me:

What is the MOST MEMORABLE SIGNING you have ever done??? Can be funny, scary, whatever!! Just tell us what your most memorable signing was!

Ohhh this ought to be GOOD…

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Check your inbox……….:grin:

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OK @VIPnotaryCO, you just took the fun out of it…lol

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I did a cash out REFI and the CD I had was not the same as the one the borrower had electronically signed prior to me getting there. They took the beer they were drinking and poured it all over the package right on the table. He was really cool though!


HAHAHAHAHA!!! I love it!!!

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I had to think about this one…because I’ve had quite a few, LOL!!!

BUT I think the one that takes the cake is this one…

I was signing a couple, they were about my age (late 40s) and really a beautiful couple…their home was beautiful, they had several children together and their “wall of fame” showed a big, beautiful, happy family…sooooo…the wife excused herself to take a phone call and left the room. The husband immediately started asking me personal questions and seemed a little too interested in my answers, which made me a little uncomfortable. I excused myself to go outside and pretended to make a call, thinking she would return by the time I came back in but no luck- she was still gone. As I sat back down he told me he would “love to get to know more about you” and offered his number. I was shocked and disgusted, I was-for once-speechless! I didn’t know what to say, so I just smiled and told him NO, thank you.

She returned after a few excruciating minutes (during which i stood near the doorway) and we finished the signing in record time, oh my gosh I’ve never moved through a signing so quickly. And the wife walked me out…as I was getting into my car, she apologized if her husband caught me off guard and that they do have an open marriage, does that change anything for me? The wife was acting as her husband’s WINGMAN!!! WHAAAAAT THE…!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

That afternoon I stopped at Target and bought a big, flashy fake wedding ring. I wear it on my left ring finger to all signings now!! LOLOLOL…


My most memorable closing ever!

I was paid $500 to go to Pine Co to do a hybrid signing. Title Company lost money on that one I think. It was only an hr each way but the lady was living on top of this steep mountain that has only one small rugged road! So if someone else was coming down the hill it would be hell for both of us. Can’t pull on the side or you’ll fall off the cliff! Thank God I was the only one using the road! I was so terrified. No cell service either. Long story short, I survived the drive up. Thank God she had wifi! While we were signing a black bear was walking in her yard! I was so scared! I peed my pants. Anyway, I asked to use her bathroom while waiting for the bear to go away! She was a nice lady who lived by herself and equipped to take care of herself in the mountain. She felt so bad for me because I was shaking and hyperventilating, she had to calm me down. She escorted me to my car with a gun! I drove down that hill honking on my horn the whole time! Thank you FJ Cruiser! Once I got to the spot with cell connection I called the title co and told them that next time they will have to send me via a helicopter! Now that I think about it, it was an exciting experience! I’ll let you all know if they call me to go back again someday in this life time! I will take pics next time! I was so terrified I didn’t care about photograph I just wanted to get up, get signed and get back down safely!



Laughing Out Loudddddd

No rain nor wind, no snow or bears can stop this notary! Breathing or not……:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Rain the whole 50 miles of 2 lane pavement, then 5 miles of 4 lane divided highway. Exit onto pavement that, after 200 ft around a curve, stops abruptly and ahead of me is MUD. Churn slowly thru that and finally arrive at ‘the cabin in the woods’ 100 feet away.
Only problem is between me & the cabin there’s a 20 ft. wide creek raging along at high water stage due to all the rain. I honk my car horn and signer appears at door, signals me to back up, gets in his ol’ pickup truck and cowboys it across the creek, swings truck around & stops with truck passenger door 3 ft. from my drivers side door, pushes truck door open & says ‘hop in’.
We cowboy it back across the creek, do the signing & he returns me to my car. Followed me back to the pavement to be sure I wouldn’t get stuck in the mud. I have a lot of ‘bad road/weather’ stories, but this one was the most adventurous one. Have also gone the last mile standing next to the driver of a tractor because ain’t no way my car is going to do that ‘road’.

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I did a signing in a pasture that had horses, cattle, donkeys, and goats. While most of the animals stood around watching with curiosity, the rancher and I had a dickens of a time trying to keep the goats from eating the pages. The back up copy came in handy on this one when the goats ingested several non-critical marketing pages.

In Vermont town officials take office as soon as they are elected. Shortly after I became a justice of the peace (JP), I helped count the vote for our town meeting, because that’s a JP duty. A new town clerk was elected. The town clerk is in charge of the election. So I had to administer an oath of office to the new town clerk so she could certify the election results.

Accepted a 40 page (so they say) refinance-was sent a confirmation-we proceeded to the signers home 40 miles (one way) in Solvang CA- docs were scanned back to BancServ as requested ASAP-with the thinking all was a done deal except the very next day I had the escrow division asking me why I did not scanback the loan docs? well-never were sent to me in the first place and might add never got paid for the second trip as well - watch your back with this company

HAHAHA HAHAHA!!! Well, that makes dogs and cats look better than ever!!! At least they don’t eat the docs…LOLOL!

Thanks for the laugh…

Oh goodness!!! That’s why I always say: I’m in a busy downtown large metropolitan area here…some of y’all out there in rural areas sure do deal with the unexpected!!! Lol!!! Glad you are safe!

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