Leveling the playing field?

I hear that there is a group of notaries getting together to create a centralized database of some sort that help LSA’s monitor and hold TC and signing services accountable.

From what I understand one of the features that it will have is real-time updated detailed monthly reports on things like contact information, years in business, vendor sign up links and reviews by notaries. I think this is a great idea and can really help with holding the No payers and slow payers accountable.

They are looking to launch it in 2023 and it maybe free when it states up.

Has anyone else come across this info and know who is doing this?

Well . . . this is not the initial floating of this type of Trial Balloon. :disappointed:

The previous “offerings” evolved into just another way to separate hard-working Professional Signing Agents [PSAs] from their money and the End Result was nothing more than just another Directory that fizzled out & went nowhere.

It’s unclear how a simple Directory could possibly hold “the No payers and slow payers accountable” as their tarnished reputations are already a breeze to find within the easily accessible database GOLDMINE right here [see image below] at Notary Cafe.

With so much turbulence and roiling activities currently within this Business Sector, most professionals would be quite reticent to expend funds on this type of venture at this point in time due to the obvious & ongoing MASS EXODUS occurring.


Being totally & completely candid, it takes very little elbow grease to ferret out this type of information within the already existing beautiful & reliable Notary Cafe database. Utilizing the Notary Cafe Search Function prior to providing the services will directly guide & instruct the PSAs regarding viability of that business & their payment turnaround time and the collection efforts.


NOTE OF CAUTION: The Notary Cafe omnipresent scouts remain vigilant regarding members who are endeavoring to take advantage of their member database by Advertising within the forums. This is an unprofessional action and will be addressed promptly & directly.


I heard about this on another discussion form so I was just wondering if this was a real thing or something that was a rumor.

There was/is a website that offered this information. Unfortunately the information was outdated, and many of the companies listed have gone out of business.

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