License name different

Says middle name is Steve. Papers all say Steven. How does one remedy this?

You mean your commission? Does your state provide a Change of Name Affidavit to have the commission corrected or re-issued? Call your state’s SOS - ask them the procedure.

Or did you mean the docs you received. I just realized I may have misunderstood you… my apologies if I did. If it’s docs, Steve could be the same as Steven - are you convinced you have the right person? If so, let it get signed, but your certs state the name Steve because that’s who you identified.

I interpret your question to mean the middle name on the signer’s license is Steve, but it’s Stephen on the documents to be signed. It’s common to accept short forms of names to be equivalent to to the longer version, if all the other information lines up. You could decide to accept it if you’re reasonably certain the signer is the person being described in the documents.

In my acknowledgements, I always write exactly what is contained in the document. It’s my job to decide if the person in front of me is the person named in the document. The ID card is just a means to that end.