Likely a Scam

Received this email today:

FROM: Jeff Ramsey

Wed 8/23/2023 2:35 PM

Hi, I’m reaching out to see if you have availability tomorrow for a seller’s signing in your covered area. The seller’s are not working tomorrow and they are available at any time you’re free. The closing docs and their contact details will be shared via our secured mean first thing tomorrow morning. Fee is $380 Email us back if your interested. Jeff.

I think the grammar/spelling, lack of company info, high fee, and odd email address that it came from all contribute to one thing…SCAM!


Well, I’ve gotten some high-paying jobs from ‘off’ email addys with less info & worse grammar/spelling than that. BUT, not that high and there is always some co. info. So, I think you are right, but probably would have responded with a lot of questions. Then, when nothing happens, you KNOW it’s a scam.

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Agreed. Most likely a SCAM. I get a lot of these letters and they all fit the above pattern.

Wow! Thanks for the heads up. Mag3_notary, let me know how everything turn out with the Florida notary signing

Best thing to do when receiving one of these emails is to Google the company they claim to represent. If there’s a phone number, call it and try to determine if the email sender actually works there. You’ll know quickly if it’s a scam or not.

@colleen Thank You for sharing. This knowledge benefits everyone. :crown::pray:


Thank you for sharing. I actually received the same email in my spam folder. Same email from the same first name and different last names.

Thanks for sharing. When you receive a phishing/spam email be sure to forward it to

I received the same email. He communicated with me for a bit and then I told him to call me before we worked anything out. Never heard from him.

I have received several emails from this same person using different email addresses. SCAM!

That same gentleman sent me and email August 23rd. Same wording and dollar amount. I didn’t even bother responding because I knew that email for fake lol.

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Go call, its a scam .it is for Italy. Not even in the US.

I was contacted by a law firm for a double Buyer/Seller package for $180. When I replied I had to log on to my email account and use my UN and PW to access a secure email. There was nothing at the end of that rainbow but panic and self-loathing. I had to reset my email password and hope that nothing evil was looming. It’s been ten days. It was a US law firm with contacts and everything but I still feel uneasy about the whole thing.

I was contact multiple times from fake emails posing as attorneys and/or title companies.
The message is very similar. They have need a notary in our area and will pay x amount of $

I googled the company they were posing as and called them. All the companies said they get a lot of notary scam emails like this.

All the offices I called advised me to disregard this.

Hope this is helpful!!

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