Linear Title Company is a slow to no pay Be Aware

I did i signing for this company on 07/21/2016 i just received my check 4 days ago 09/14/2016 after i had to request them many times if it wasnt for that i dnt think i would had got paid at all…be care full. Sign at your own risk. I got lucky i guess

I’m not defending them but I do want to point out something that maybe you’ve been lucky enough not to experience yet. Most companies have a cut off date for the month. I’ve found that this date is typically anywhere from the 20-26th. Anything closed after that cut off date will go on the following months payroll. So let’s say their cut off date was 7/25. And their pay date is the 10th of the month (pretty standard 10-15th) then you would have been paid in Aug. I suspect their cut off date is the 20th and your closing rolled into the next months payroll. This is always a question I ask when working with a new TC or SC. 1. What is your cut off date for the month 2. What is your payroll date. 3. How would you like me to invoice you. This I know straight up front exactly when I will be paid. MOST title companies will not stiff you because they know they can lose their title license (issued by the State Insurance Commissioner…incase you ever need to file a complaint) typically non payment has to do with the cut off/monthly pay date. Hope this helps

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I have done closings for Linear Title thru another signing service and have been paid within a month of closing. They are low pay but better than no pay.