Listen up, newbs

It is so crazy-busy right now due to the low rates that newbs stand a very good chance of getting a lot of jobs from signing services because one of the biggest lenders, who have always done their own scheduling is farming stuff out to (seems like) a kazillion SS (some good/some really bad). Two things are happening because of this. One, the good SS are paying VERY WELL for these BUT you do have to negotiate! And there is one really sick thing that I’ve seen: One extremely s l o w (but do eventually) pay co. is throwing out fees of 40, 50 w/ pay in 1 or 2 weeks urging you to take it for quick $ (which remains to be seen) OR counter & wait 2 months. I elect to wait for $150 as my business objective is to keep the ‘pay-pipe’ FULL, so something is always going into my bank account. Don’t mess up your best opportunity this year to make some PROFIT by opting for a quick loss!


Good advice :+1:
I don’t mind getting paid in a month or so, eventually the checks will be deposited, but with the fair amount… and Yes! I’ve been very busy, minding that for now I’m just doing it part time, right after my full time office work.


Yes indeed Arichter is correct and gives great advice to anyone and newbies! Don’t be afraid to counter offer $125 or more. After all its your expenses, time and business your trying to run.


We hope you take “Arichter” advice .Thankfully I did and have not put myself in the bargain basement !
Newby’s always want to build their { experience}, but they have to work for nothing to gain it. We would suggest that you look up the actual COST to do a 250 x 2 signing. ( $90 pay } It works out to a LOSS or you make a fast food hourly wage…this is why you took the courses ? No, I think not.


It’s a big loss on the books and buying cheap paper and ink will not solve the problem either or riding a bicycle to appointments! Using the notary gadget will help everyone see what your profits and losses are. Love the program!