Lo-baller Loan Pro Closing reduces notary fees

Lo-baller Loan Pro Closing reduces notary fees, from $70.00 to now offering $50.00 with scan backs and two sets of printed copies. Has this signing service lost its mind, have they not heard that inflation is out of control; or do they think notaries are not affected by the high cost of living? I remember when I 1st started as a NSA the lo-ballers were $100.00.


Not going to change until everyone says NO.


I know just had to let out steam and outrage that these signing services keep offering lower and lower fees to hard-working notaries.


I stopped taking their offers when I saw they only pay ever 60 days. I run a net 30 business and I have to get more than $100.


Or, the only people left filling those “low ball” orders are greenhorns that keep screwing up and making them do extra work or try to hire experienced notaries to get the job done right.


@pinpic Great Questions! :crown: By all appearances, Loan Pro Closing [LPC] believes all those pressures have impacted them, but no one else . . . why else would they dramatically cut the fees to the professionals with direct out-of-pocket expenses who work with their clients?


There are many additional threads about this business entity, which does make interesting reading. These will be of assistance to us when making the decision to Accept or Reject their Signing Orders [SOs].


It seems to be the trend again with a lot of companies. There are notaries taking these jobs though which is why they continue to do it. I know for sure that one local to me is and its getting frustrating.


I agree I decline or counter lowball fees.

upsetting! The cost of paper, ink, gas has all risen and yet they think we should work for less. I would bet the farm they have not taken a pay cut. They hire people that will work for this low fee and then send out emails saying mistakes are too high. Well, that is on them. Maybe if they paid experienced people… I won’t work that cheap.