WARNING: Loan Pro Closings

HI, any experience with this company? I received a text today for a signing in 3 hours frame time. I really haven’t heard from them.

@miamisigningagent Performed a cursory Search of the GOLDMINE found within the Notary Cafe database of threads. There are 50+ threads that populate with the business entity utilized from your thread title.

Most are not-so-great . . . :cry:


I accepted my first assignment with them today after getting a random test message. The text advised me to go to their website, log in and contact the customer. It would be beneficial if they 1st confirmed that I had a profile set up with them. It took me roughly 20 minutes to create & upload documents to create a profile, all while waiting to so see if the assignment I accepted would show up in the profile. I responded to the text message that I would not be able to accept this assignment due to the amount of time it would take me to create a profile unless we could reschedule. I received no response until almost 2 hours after the appointment asking if I was going…I received a second text from a different number advising me that documents were sent to my e-mail. They sent information to a random email I don’t use for business. The back & forth went on for 4 hours. As a long-time business professional, I don’t think this is the best fit for me.

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Unfortunately I have. I conducted my first closing for them in 2021 and my last in March 2023. They will text you multiple times before and after your closing to confirm punctuality an excessive amount of times. They are disorganized and they pay the least.

My last assigned was a total waste of time, It started off with LPC sending over the wrong documents. I called and emailed to confirm instruction because the package that I received had no place for me to sign. They did not respond. I proceeded to the client’s home with a requested witness. I arrived and the client’s home with the wrong docs and a witness. LPC did not pay for print travel or witness fee. I emailed them requesting payment and they have not responded.

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Did they pay you? I did a signing on June 1 the agreement was to pay within 40 days. They don’t respond emails.

I think I got duped by this company. I got the signing and was told it would be for $150 so I could drive an hour and a half one way to be there at 8 am. The signer changed the location and time four different times and I hung in there. The LPC said $200 was what I was getting paid for hanging in there. Its been 57 days since the signing. I logged into Signing Order, where she hired me, and found the order said I was being hired for $10. The law firm gave her $250 to hire a notary. I haven’t even gotten $10 from her.

To be kind and professional, I sent her an email mentioning that perhaps it was my poor accounting and could she please tell me when she paid me and give me the check number in case I just entered it wrong. Meanwhile, I have a message in my drafts folder to the law firm who hired her, asking them to follow up on what happened to the payment. I won’t send it if she pays me.

I see she has a couple bad reviews on the Better Business Bureau website too. Thing is, she is very high pressure, making sure you are doing everything right, which is really insulting to an experienced notary.

I won’t trust LPC again.

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I accepted a signing today from this company for 70.00. After confirming with the signer and downloading the documents, the file was 223 pages and an additional copy for the buyers. That would be 446 pages for both copies and it required scanbacks. I tried to call to speak with someone about an additional fee. No answer. I sent a text message to the number provided and sent an email. I received a text stating their max fee would be 95.00 and I had requested 125.00. I received a text from them asking if 95.00 would be okay and I replied, No. That is too low for a package that size and scanbacks. I waited for a response and did not receive one. I logged back into signingorder to see that I was removed from the assignment which was fine; however, as a business owner, I expected a phone call or text or a reply. Absolutely unprofessional. I have worked with this company in the past and had a positive experience. I reviewed the documents and saw the fee they were being paid on the closing disclosure. I expect more professionalism from a signing service and fairness to notaries performing the assignment/closing.


$70 seems to be the going offer these days. When i counter offer i dont get the closing.

Loan Pro just paid me after 58 days of waiting. She did pay me the $210 she promised. Definitely not professional.

Keep declining those low ball offers. The notaries who accept them are hurting all of us.

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Hi there. I worked for them and thought they were easy to work with. had to make 2 trips to signer due to Title Co error in paper work. They paid what I asked for the extra trip. no problem. They paid as they said they would and they actually send a schedule for when they pay. It was 60 days and I sent an invoice during the week before I expected payment. Just knowing when a SS makes payments eliminates stress.

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Thanks for sharing your experience with Loan Pro Closings. I recently did three signings with them, and wondered how they operate.

If you haven’t heard about Loan Pro Closings before, it’s a good idea to do some research and perhaps ask for recommendations from colleagues or fellow professionals in your field. Establishing trust with companies you work with is crucial for a smooth and secure business relationship.

I closed an assignment with them on September 26 and was paid on November 27 well within their stated 40 days. They answered my question about the required witness promptly and I had no issues. I would take another assignment from them as long as travel distance is close because of the fees they are willing to pay.

They are rip off they can play this game of paying in 45 days with someone else filling a complaint against them with law enforcement and state of kentucky about this issue