Loan Signing Agent Agreement to Protect My Interests

Hello all. Does anyone know where I can find a boiler plate template that I can give to a loan signing company (if they don’t have one) to protect my interests, set expectations (payment terms, duties and responsibilities), etc.? Thank you in advance.

Long ago, there was one out there somewhere, but, fact is, they will not only ignore it, but will probably label you as a (smart) PITA. Best solution is to be brief in a ‘reply’ e-mail upon receipt of order. “Thank you for this order. Be aware that I will need docs xx hours prior to appt., full fee is due if no-sign, brief etc., etc.” If they normally pay at 30 days, they’re not going to pay you at 15. With business recently hard to get, don’t shoot yourself in the foot.

I’m not saying take everything…just know what their reputation is and act accordingly.


Thank you for your feedback.