Looking for input on Signing service

Has anyone ever heard of or worked for Elsa Garcia Notary Agency , out of Houston TX

Nope. Good resource to check is NotaryRotary.com’s list of service providers. It’s pretty comprehensive and available to NSAs without a fee.

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Often just doing a Google search turns up ‘interesting things’ on a company.

She promotes herself as a notary on all the usual forums and databases that we do, including SD.

I would not work for her or take the risk of not getting paid.

Is she slow to pay, or didn’t pay at all… How recent was this

I have worked for her. She pays very quickly.

The best person you could work with…I have been working with her now for a while. Wonderful lady.

Yes, I have had good experiences with her.

Im in San Antonio, Texas. And I have worked for Elsa on several notary jobs, she is very effecient, very responsive, and pays on time. I really appreciate her business. Would recommend highly.