Looking for legit sites to join to find work

Hello Everyone,

I am new here and somewhat new to being a Notary. I have my NSA cert and and looking for legit site that I can register with to find work. Naturally there are many, some seem like cookies cutters of other sites, and I would just love to know which sites would be best for starting out that are legit.

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Click on magnifying glass above and type in whatever you need. Try typing, “best Signing companies” “best title companies”. Just search for anything related to NSA business. Good luck

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@JoeNotary808 I concur completely with VIPnotaryCO’s advice above.

Plus, I offer this to you => As with most businesses that are starting out, it’s a SLOW process.

In general, most do find building a business within this business sector to be a MARATHON, not a sprint.

Well, that is unless you live in a region that isn’t already saturated with Trained, Certified, & experienced Notary Signing Agents [NSAs] who are also seeking out Signing Orders OR if you have a family member who works at a Title/Escrow Company [T/EC]. :wink: In those scenarios (and a few others), you may find it to be a BREEZE!

As a fellow business owner, I’d like to offer an opportunity to further enhance your business acumen & skill set (speaking proverbially) by "teaching you how to fish;" instead of giving you a fish . . .

Specifically, this link may be insightful & quite helpful. :sparkles: It contains several of my notes and references great information that you may find very useful. Check out each of my 3 posts on it:

Best Wishes :sparkles: