Loose certificate - is lender's footer info enough to "connect the docs"

Hi all!

If a lender has proprietary codes in the footer of their docs, often easy to identify what they refer to, occasionally not (ACMELENDING-2021-MORTGAGE, ACMELNDNG-BORRAFFDVT, ACME-OA), and always show “Page X of Y” and the date… is this enough for you to feel comfortable filling out what is essentially a loose cert without printing in some extra doc description when the certificate lands on the last page all by itself (with signers on previous pg)?

I’ve been hand-printing something along the lines of “regarding the attached instrument described as a MORTGAGE dated February 30th, 2021, comprised of 14 pages with this notarial certificate being the 15th page.” after the signer’s name, above my stamp. Yet I can’t help feel that it’s likely overkill given all the info in the footer, which essentially makes what I just wrote redundant.

I’m thinking about skipping this when the doc description matches the title on the first page of the doc (i.e. says BLAHBANK-MORTGAGE - Page 15 of 15) and adding my own description when not s’much (BLAHBANK-OCCAFF - Page 3 of 3).

Also, if the footer font is a point or two smaller than the cert, would that affect your decision?