Lost Check from Closing

I’ve only been a signing agent for 3 months but I’ve done over 30 closings. All have been perfect! But last week I did one with Old Republic and they said I didn’t send the check with the package. I know I did. I confess I didn’t paperclip it to anything so it was probably at the bottom of the envelope. They have been emailing and texting me for the check. What if someone lost it at the title company and is blaming me? Anyone else have this happen? Lesson learned, take pic of the check, put in an envelope and paperclip to the other papers.

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I had that happen to me way back when - I challenged it because I knew I’d sent the check - told them to check with whoever processes their incoming packages…come to find out the check was in the packaging the docs were sent in - was in her trash can. And I know I attached the check to the HUD (at the time) - always did - I even had a photocopy of the check on the hud showing the amount due and the amount of the check.

Thanks, Linda, I believe that’s what happened, but if they find it, they may never admit it

Never ever let it be loose in the package because THEY will lose it. I STAPLE it to the appropriate page, take a picture of this and keep it until paid. (Or a problem arises.) If they claim they never received it, tell them to check ‘appropriate page’ for staple marks…and then start digging thru their trash. The pic PROVES it was there when you sent it. The staple marks add credibility to what you’ve said and WILL make them look thru trash. I also have my own ‘cover page’ upon which I write “Check stapled to HUD” (or whatever is appropriate…i.e., VOID check stapled to WT form… and I also run yet another copy of the shipping label on this same cover page…just in case. Happy to report: PROBLEM SOLVED.


Same here, I ALWAYS staple the check to the ALTA form. Even though the instruction say “paper clip” I staple to be sure it will not get lost in the FedEx envelope or fall out when they pull out the docs. Never had an issue with it.

Thanks, Michael. I guess we learn best from mistakes. Won’t do that again.

If the package does not require a scanback I staple the check to the Alta Statement or to the special page provided for checks. If it requires a scanback I put the check with the page and place it at the front of the package which I bring to and from the signing in a manila envelop. My packages are never held together with a binder clip or rubber band alone. In my office I make a copy of the check and that is what goes through the scanner when I do the scan back. A check stapled to a page or loosely in the pack will jam your scanner. As soon as I make the copy the check comes out from the copier and goes as the first document in my scanned documents pile. I also make a note on the signing portal that a check for cash to close was included in the package. When I ship, the documents are in a manila envelop and then a poly pack. This keeps the docs together and increases the chance a check or lone document will not be left behind in the packaging.

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Don’t feel alone!

That just happened to me too! Glad to see some feed back from some of the LSA’s who have also had this issue and found ways to mitigate the issue in the future! In my case the client was on my side, they say me put the check in the shipping envelope and seal it, that saved my bacon… i think!