Low balling C2C

How do I sign up with them?!.. I went to their page and couldn’t find NSAs but appraisers or else. Still, I signed up as partner or business contractor. Now I’ll see if they contact me

On their homepage you will see “I am… then you’ll click on A notary. Go from there.

There’s only a few pages to print that require wet signatures, then the rest of the closing is online.

A hybrid closing is where a few pages need to be printed for wet signatures and then the remaining pages are signed electronically in front of you. Yes, they require 2 years experience. You don’t need to have the RON certification for this though.

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Thanks lilly… I did, though there’s only a suggestion, to contact them by email them or calling them. I did and offered my NSA service.

You’ll receive an email to complete registration

I already got the package, filled out and returned back… thanks!

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@notary39, I’ll nave to check them out. Thanks

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@notary39, do you have the link to Amrock fir notaries to sign up with them?

What are you doing when hitting the curb? How are you getting in to the Title Companies to talk to them during the Covid and the front door is locked. I can only handle so much bringing coffee and snacks. Thanks

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I have a list of the title companies near me and I email them or call. I have only went to one title company with my mask on and left my business card.

Hybrid is part paper docs and part online docs through their portal. You may need to get certified through your Secretary of State.

What would the SoS have to do with this - unless there are some electronic notarizations taking place…I thought the hybrids were standard docs signed online and those requiring notarization get wet signatures in person.

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C2C is a very cheap signing service. I saw one for $30 this morning. NOT INTERESTED. Not sure how you can make a profit at this amount, unless everything is very nearby and the overnight services are nearby too. Maybe a nearby sale of 15 pages. But when you tie yourself up with a $30 signing, you can’t accept another, possible better priced signing because you are tied up. If no notary accepted these, then they would know to pay more. Just sayin

Well since they sent out the email this past yr 2021 stating if you have the Covid vaccination to post it on your portal, because they said they have people requesting vaccinated notaries. I’m not nor will I be getting the shot, so can’t post and I have not done any signing or been called for one since April 4, 2021 last singing I did. Pathetic. They pay low anyway.

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You do realize that with choices come consequences. Your decision not to be vaccinated might be religious or health based but many of my signers would not let me come to their home without being vaccinated. Neither would I. Regardless of how bad this company is, I still respect their decision to protect their customers. You made a choice and so did they. And they are not the only company like this. No reason to be annoyed and dislike the consequences. Is what you decided.

Yes it is my choice but being that I dont need people or companies like that saves the low fees for people like you. It’s against the law to ask for my personal information. I will stand for my rights. I have an office in my car chairs and table, printer so there you have it. People catch covid with the shot. A lot a good that helping. Besides I have not had the virus. You can’t kill a virus. It mutates to something else just as it has been. Another new name. We should all put on a pull the next name they will call it. Have yourself a great day.

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Do you also have an integrated battery installed in the car for your office?