Low fee/Signing Hogs

Does anyone else have a problem with Notarygo’s low fees? This is not a complaint about the Agency. More of a complaint with the other Agents in my area that just jump all over low fees for Serivces before negotiating with Notarygo.

The two companies I have had problems with are Notary 24/7 and Jimmy Jones. Ive only done one signing with NotaryGo thus far.

The last time they called and low-balled me, I laughed and told them never to call me again. And now every time they call I just pick up and hang up. Nothing is worse than accepting a job for a low price and then looking on the settlement statement and seeing that they made three times what you’re making and yet you carry all at the expense. If we don’t start refusing the low fees we’re going to be stuck here. I’m not trying to get rich but I am trying to live and I can’t do it on $50 fees. And notarygo is offering $30.

I agree 100%. The problem is some of the notaries are either learning or more desperate ($) than us, so they take the signings for $30. I can tell you I will NEVER take a job for $30. These files are now up to 200 pages, they are making us print everything, appraisal, preliminary report, and all the fluff they like to add. UNACCEPTABLE.

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NotaryGo is the lowest paying signing service in the business, and they take the longest time to pay. They will keep pulling this stuff as long as new notaries that do not know better keep doing their signings and losing money. The more we all band together and refuse to do signings, with fax-backs for $60.00, the sooner they quit low balling Escrow companies and notaries. We deserve better!!!


Signing companies are a dime a dozen work for title & mortgage companies only.

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The excuse I hear most for lowballing offers is that we only get x amount from the title company and can’t afford to pay my standard rate, which I believe to be both profitable and fair. My response to this is that I run my business based on an average margin which must show a profit. My costs of doing business have been carelfully calculated and can determine in a minute which offers are profitable and which are not. The signing company not charging enough is not my responsibility and I won’t alter my fees based on their business decisions. Stick to your fees, if they really want you, they will pay it.

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Outstanding advice Jnewberry, Signing Agents that are excepting lowball fees and running a business shouldn’t be creditizied for how they are running their business. Just run your business and except the fee that make your business a success is good advice. Just Saying!

Just a follow up to my post…I finally accepted a coastal signing with them because they accepted my fee, then low and behold I get their contract that there’s no payment for 60 days. You get paid for the signing at the end of the next month. I said, thanks, but no thanks, and as long as that’s your policy please take me off of your list of notaries. I don’t bother anyone about fees until 40 days, and thank god these days, I don’t have to because I have aligned myself with companies who do good business and work with me rather than use me. Also, I did a search on the NNA website for anyone in a 50 mile radius and the majority of the people have been signing agents for less than a year. I urge all new agents not to take these low fees that take forever to receive All you’re doing is perpetuating their Ponzi scheme, and being used. You’ll see that after that first year, you worked a lot but made very little money. We all deserve better. Realize your worth talk to people here and on other notary sites, and find out what is really going. In Oregon, even though we have a ton of people moving here from California, we make half the fees they do. Why is that? Because we let them treat us that way. It’s very simple.