Low Fees & time TBD

Everyone needs to determine their business expense before accepting a signing so you will know when NOT to accept an insulting low fee. If the broker is also not getting paid well, then they need to stand in their own truth and speak up and request a larger fee. Someone in the escrow, title, bank organization is making money off the transaction and you shouldn’t sell yourself short. I am standing in my own truth and will not accept low fees and would like others to stand beside me. Time requests TBD for a day that goes into 4 days is not reasonable. If docs are not ready or TBD is not even a good guess, I will not waste my time and move on to another signing. I’m here to help but not be taken for granted.

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4 DAYS?!?! Wow. For sure, move on.

with over 500 signings, i’ve never seen a C.D. that didn’t show $150 or more for the signing. Signing services are getting greedy, and some gullible notary’s are accepting this low ball offers which encourages this practice .

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I did move on and accepted other signings but they kept emailing and calling me back asking if I was available. Was trying to be polite and responded but by 4th day was straight up with them and told them they need to get their act together before reaching out to notaries.:relaxed:

Agree very much! I hold out for appropriate fees but will also negotiate low ball fees for appropriate amount. Negotiations have paid off but not all the time.