Lowered Pay

It seems like the pay on a lot of the jobs I have been receiving lately are very low compared to even late last year. $75 for a refinance is ridiculously low and they must laugh when I reply that I charge $125, which I think is a bargain as I see others paying as much as $200.
Have others been seeing this as well or is it just me?


I got a request for a refi yesterday via signing order. It was 45 miles away and they were paying $60, with scan backs. What an insult. I might as well pay them to work because I basically would be. I’ve had a few other mobile notary requests lately for an asset recovery company. $75 for a 6 page document with 3 notarizations. They pay as soon as I scan it back to them via PayPal. So I get paid that very same day. I’ve pretty much given up on loan signings for now.


I couldn’t resist posting this GIF (again), but the ride is over. It’s slow because interest rates are high. If they are laughing at you, it’s not because you want $125, it’s because they know someone out there will take it for $75 (ESPECIALLY because it’s slow).
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Yes prices for signings have dropped drastically.

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