Made a mistake that is making me nervous

Hi everyone, a women came today to get 3 documents notarized. She had her passport. The signature area was congested… so I stamped (you can see it) and then signed under the stamp and dated it as well (with the typical language).
I’m in NY.
I should have attached a certificate. Or I should have just told her to redo it or go to another notary since the signing area is not good. (this document was then going to be sent to Jamaica).

I have not notarized for quite some time…and just did this today. I am a moron.

Option 1: Contact the signer, offer to print the documents for free, redo the notarization for free, and sleep well knowing you corrected your mistake.

Option 2: Pray the document is legible and no one complains about it.

Choose Wisely & Welcome to Notary Cafe!