Making an investment in electronics

I have been working hard to establish a strong electronic business. To that end, I have made substantial investments in gear.

Carrying around a phone, a tablet, a MIFI, a portable scanner, a wand scanner, and a laptop seems excessive? But having them all handy in the car makes taking those last minute lucrative orders or upgrades possible.

A call for a same day RON? I’m out on assignment and only have an hour between orders. Okay, find a handy parking lot, turn on the MIFI, set up the tablet and pull on my headset. No need to waste gas and time getting back to my office.

A RON crashed and the loan has to close today - can I do an IPEN in 45 minutes? Have tablet and MIFI - will do!

Signing just finished. Lender calls - they desperately need scans. Hello, handy parking lot. Set up MIFI, turn on laptop and scanner. 10 minutes later, lender has a complete set of quality scans.

The original outlay is undeniably considerable. (I bought most of my gear over a 24 month period, and I follow the same schedule with upgrades.) But, especially today, the ability to respond to client need quickly is vital.


I’ve done the same as you’ve outlined in your post @judikidd as well as the above excerpt at 0% interest, which helps quite a bit.


Can I ask what MIFI device and Portable Scanner you went with? Never had a MIFI, and my portable scanner is subpar in all honesty and I’d like to upgrade.

Thanks in advance!

My MIFI is a Jetpack 8800L, my scanner is a Brother DS-940DW.

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One added tip - buy a hard case for each one. Protecting them from dust and debris is crucial.