Making an investment in electronics

I have been working hard to establish a strong electronic business. To that end, I have made substantial investments in gear.

Carrying around a phone, a tablet, a MIFI, a portable scanner, a wand scanner, and a laptop seems excessive? But having them all handy in the car makes taking those last minute lucrative orders or upgrades possible.

A call for a same day RON? I’m out on assignment and only have an hour between orders. Okay, find a handy parking lot, turn on the MIFI, set up the tablet and pull on my headset. No need to waste gas and time getting back to my office.

A RON crashed and the loan has to close today - can I do an IPEN in 45 minutes? Have tablet and MIFI - will do!

Signing just finished. Lender calls - they desperately need scans. Hello, handy parking lot. Set up MIFI, turn on laptop and scanner. 10 minutes later, lender has a complete set of quality scans.

The original outlay is undeniably considerable. (I bought most of my gear over a 24 month period, and I follow the same schedule with upgrades.) But, especially today, the ability to respond to client need quickly is vital.


I’ve done the same as you’ve outlined in your post @judikidd as well as the above excerpt at 0% interest, which helps quite a bit.


Can I ask what MIFI device and Portable Scanner you went with? Never had a MIFI, and my portable scanner is subpar in all honesty and I’d like to upgrade.

Thanks in advance!

My MIFI is a Jetpack 8800L, my scanner is a Brother DS-940DW.

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One added tip - buy a hard case for each one. Protecting them from dust and debris is crucial.


I stumbled upon this thread from a year ago, and I must say, judikidd, your investment in electronics for your business was really impressive! Having all those gadgets at your fingertips must have given you a serious edge in responding to client needs quickly.

Particularly given the increased demand for scans.

My 2022 Jeep Compass came wired with 110 outlets. I am able to plug in the scanner, hook it to my laptop, turn on the MIFI, and securely scan without having to return to my office.

This gives me added flexibility to meet customer requirements, which keeps my business viable.

I admit, though… at the end of the day, I unplug, put my feet up, and read. Tech can be exhausting.

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