Marijuana smoke filled house - What to do?

Walked into a house last night where the smoke was so thick and strong! Would anyone refuse to stay and sign under certain conditions? Also, what if the signer looks altered?? He didn’t, but what if he did? Should I pack up and leave?? I imagine in California this is going to be more common. :frowning:

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Don’t inhale? I dunno–your call.


I stayed. It doesn’t bother me either way…and the signers both looked fine. I guess i was caught more off guard about how inconsiderate people can be.

What I would do is to look and see if the consumers are under the influence and if so I would excuse myself and leave + I would not want to inhale the smoke. In my opinion and experience if someone is starting on their 3rd glass of wine I pack up and leave. I’m very honest about it and tell them that I do not notarize documents when people are under the influence. Basically, I take the docs home and shred them and report the same to the signing company/title company, etc. By my saying this it has stopped folks from having their 3rd glass of wine. It’s up to us individually and I do not consider this person capable of understanding the documents and or following my instructions. This is a rare occurrence and it usually happens if I’m signing in a restaurant and they’ve already started drinking before I arrive. Your integrity and good name is all that you have in this industry and letting things slide is not my personality type & you are your own boss.


CanT speak for your Notary Rules… but in Michigan a Notary can refuse to sign for ANY reason or even NO reason … just because. Under Federal law which supersedes you would at best be an W-9 and can choose who/when to work. So it is purely your time and money as far as I am concerned… I would be nice and mention smoke free environment only on your marketing as to save yourself time and money.

I have even stopped and ripped up a notary page in the middle of a Immigration signing once because something seemed off all of a sudden and I don’t mess around when it comes to ICE and Homeland.


judysparks I agree with you completely. As I was unpacking my bag and setting up I had all these thoughts going through my mind. YIKES…The one thing that kept running through my mind was to make sure they were not at an altered state of mind. So we talked a little as I was getting ready. :wink:

Should you conduct a signing with an impaired person?

I just did a signing a couple of weeks ago when during that signing a buddy of the homeowners came over and fired one up in their basement while right in the middle of signing. On my wayvout the homeowner did make a comment that he could’ve waited until he finished taking care of business.

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I cant stand the smell but here in Ohio it is not uncommon. It has no regard to social economics, either. The last one I experienced in was a jr high school teacher’s home for a refinance!

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I am not sure I would have signed. Could they use this as an excuse they were impaired. Should you be subjected to the fumes? Heck, I almost left one time when I walked into a smoke filled house. EVERYONE in the house was smoking at the same time. I get severe migraines from that. Very inconsiderate of anyone walking in especially for a professional reason. If there was not an open window I could get next to complete my signing I would have asked to move it outside. My cloths smelled worse than walking into a bar. Just not right!

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No of course not. The signer was not impaired. Now I can’t speak for the other adults in the house…but they weren’t signing the docs. I was just blown away that people can be so inconsiderate.

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I’m pretty new at this, but I had a closing where the mobile home smelled so bad from cigarette smoke. I was choking. It was an older man and myself. He expected me to stand for the closing because there weren’t any chairs around his table. I told him I needed to sit and he found me a chair
I wanted to get out of there really fast. Thankfully, he didn’t need me to tell him anything about the docs. He just signed. I finished all my notaries at home. I had such a headache and sore throat and smelled terrible. I had to go home and change clothes before my next closing. So, is it alright to walk out or tell the signer you’re allergic to the smell and you need to close outside? Even in the winter?

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I had a signing at a cabin where the elderly retired folks were chain smoking and the fireplace spewed out smoke and smoked the whole cabin up. I respectfully told the couple I had to remain out on the porch as my lungs couldn’t take all that smoke.

That is what I did. I refuse to compromise and endanger my health to do a notary job!

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Been there several times…always worried b/c I am a Vet & get drug tested every month. So far so good.:mask: