Mark Wills SS

What is his SS called?

I don’t believe he has a Signing Service - I know he was recently (like within the last year or two) affiliated with Signature Closers - SC would recommend Marks Wills’ Loan Signing System (LSS) for training for the notaries in their database.

I, personally, don’t know of a signing service that he runs…only the training system.

Mark Wills’ signing service is called Sign Here Ink.

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Thanks, I was curious because I remember him mentioning it in a video.

Thank you - I stand corrected

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No problem I can understand missing that information. He doesn’t promote it very publicly.

The “SS” stands for the Latin term “scilicet ” which means “in particular” or “namely” and simply indicates where the venue information on a certificate is located. You do not have to mark anything or fill in any additional information on the “SS” designation itself. Completing the areas marked “State of ________” and “County of _________” with the location where the notarization takes place is where you enter the necessary information for the venue portion of certificate wording.

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Sir, I was asking about his Signing Service


Curiously, when you click the link inside his site, it takes you to Notary Resume. The dashboard there is very familiar looking. Still haven’t received any offerings from them, even though I paid for the LSS.

Notary Resume is the back end for Signing Order. Many signing services use Signing Order, including Mark Wills’ service. I’ve never received an order from his service either, and I paid for the full course, and the ongoing monthly mentorship. I have never worried about it though. I’ve always presumed he just hasn’t had any signings in my area. And Mark has over 12,000 students at this point. I don’t think there’s any practical way for him to prioritize LSS students, for signings, nationwide.

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12,000 students? that means Mark does not do notary work anymore, classic Joel Osteen of the notary signing business! what is next? a big temple? ha! no thank you Mark I do not need your expensive BS.


Now, he runs his signing service, and mentors other people who are building both notary businesses and signing service businesses.

Many of us find his courses and mentoring are well worth the investment, based on ROI alone.

However, everyone of course has different perceptions and experiences, and if Mark Wills’ approach isn’t for you, that’s fine of course.

I just always figured he has 12,000 students because what he teaches works well for a lot of people.


And he has his youtube videos, basically a DIY show about being an LSA.

He brings value, and he promotes himself and his training system quite successfully.


I took his course in 2020 and have never seen any signings from his company.

And never will…
This man is an oportunist, preying on the naive…


With an almost cult like following.


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