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As I get ready to do some door knocking on a few local TC and Mortage Companies I was wondering if it is a good idea or not to list the other TC / Lenders/ SS that I have worked with on my marketing brochures?

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You definitely could, I always send it with my references on my follow-up email that day or the next morning. That way if I want to update that list for whatever reason I can before I email it.


great tips thanks for sharing


Good question; however, it could place you in a vulnerable position to put this valuable information in writing if anyone working at the TCs/ECs/Lenders have family/friends that are Professional Signing Agents.

It would be a normal element of a casual conversation with them to mention a few of the National TCs/ECs/Lenders, etc. for whom you’ve provided professional services.

===>>> It would be a completely separate topic regarding sharing with Signing Services [SSs] . . .

I’m uncertain why anyone would willingly provide their hard-earned proprietary client listing to SSs. I’m quite certain that you are cognizant of the business goals of the SSs. Certainly, this is a move that would prove beneficial for the SSs and not-so-much for you . . .


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