Marketing successfully and time effeciently

To those Experienced Notaries:
I’m in this for ~ 18 months now. The end of 2019 was good for me in that I picked up business and was doing 3-8 signings a week. I want more.
How do you market yourselves? I’d like to make use of the title and lenders that were the receivers of the loan packages I sent back, since they’ve been exposed to my work. Most of my jobs were from companies like Timios, Bancserv, Solidifi.
I want to make as many people in this industry, across the county, AWARE that I am here to help as possible. At the same time, I don’t want to over reach and cross the boundary with the platforms/companies that gave me those assignments.
I don’t want to waste time sending out emails that may not be read, not that I’m not willing to do it. I just don’t want to waste my time, if some other way would be more productive.
Any ideas? What’s worked for you?

Hey Michele so I know that if you reach out to title companies that you obtain through a signing service its considered poaching which is a no no. But you can reach out to them and let them know that they can request you through those platforms.

as far as marketing yourself there is a bunch of things you can do besides emails, you can do popbys (which I tend to do all the time), networking events, actual mail.

I’ve done all that - first 6-8 months when I started I was all ‘gung-ho’ with the marketing. Left gift bags and f/u up w/ emails and phone calls. Sent Holiday cards to offices. Stopped in again…nothing came of it. Went to ‘open houses’ with goodies to leave w/ realtors -introduced myself, left cards- nothing… Some title companies ( when they had no choice but to do a mobile closing) reached out to me directly and I did jobs for them-excellent work, no errors etc- but did they call again except for a sporadic need? NO…
Then the refi market went bonkers and I didn’t need them either. But now- local title is back to doing ‘in house’ closings, the non-local are going mostly through signing companies and we all know how lucrative that is for us…