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To those Experienced Notaries:
I’m in this for ~ 18 months now. The end of 2019 was good for me in that I picked up business and was doing 3-8 signings a week. I want more.
How do you market yourselves? I’d like to make use of the title and lenders that were the receivers of the loan packages I sent back, since they’ve been exposed to my work. Most of my jobs were from companies like Timios, Bancserv, Solidifi.
I want to make as many people in this industry, across the county, AWARE that I am here to help as possible. At the same time, I don’t want to over reach and cross the boundary with the platforms/companies that gave me those assignments.
I don’t want to waste time sending out emails that may not be read, not that I’m not willing to do it. I just don’t want to waste my time, if some other way would be more productive.
Any ideas? What’s worked for you?

Hey Michele so I know that if you reach out to title companies that you obtain through a signing service its considered poaching which is a no no. But you can reach out to them and let them know that they can request you through those platforms.

as far as marketing yourself there is a bunch of things you can do besides emails, you can do popbys (which I tend to do all the time), networking events, actual mail.

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I’ve done all that - first 6-8 months when I started I was all ‘gung-ho’ with the marketing. Left gift bags and f/u up w/ emails and phone calls. Sent Holiday cards to offices. Stopped in again…nothing came of it. Went to ‘open houses’ with goodies to leave w/ realtors -introduced myself, left cards- nothing… Some title companies ( when they had no choice but to do a mobile closing) reached out to me directly and I did jobs for them-excellent work, no errors etc- but did they call again except for a sporadic need? NO…
Then the refi market went bonkers and I didn’t need them either. But now- local title is back to doing ‘in house’ closings, the non-local are going mostly through signing companies and we all know how lucrative that is for us…


Well there are some pros to that. Granted they pay less than normal but think about it if you turn down a purchase package for $100 because your fee is normally $150 you out $100. This is an opportunity to build relationships. Honestly that’s how I started. Worked with signing services, got good, would call them when assignments came through so I was able to talk with them. In doing that some would send their files to me directly and I started getting referred to other escrow officers.

Plus think about it. Other notaries are probably doing the same thing you are. Whatever makes you different from these other notaries, that’s what you build on.

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It’s also important to differentiate yourself from other notaries or competitors. Identifying your unique selling proposition and building on that can help you stand out and attract more clients who are looking for a particular service or benefit.

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