Marketing to Title / Escrow / Lenders Directly

Sometimes it can be hard to send emails to specific people directly when they are a Nationwide company or the only information on their website goes to a general email address ( info…etc). In order to get access to this tool, you must have a business email account… not a Gmail / yahoo or outlook email address. It has to be a “.com” business email address.

This can also be a useful tool and resource that could be helpful to those who have trouble getting that invoice paid from a SS and only have the name of the Loan Officer and no direct email contact info.

: ZoomInfo Community Edition. This is a plugin that allows you access to 10 free contacts a month.

This is a sample of a basic information search… not specific to Notary… just wanted to provide a screenshot example.

I was able to use this tool to get directly to the person I needed to reach after sending multiple emails with no response from the company. She replied to my email and now the song and dance starts today.

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Just do not bring Donuts, treats or another trinkets to the Title’s office, they go straight to the trash bin, if the six figure trainer told you this gonna work, it doesn’t, just leave your business card, Title has more Notaries than customers coming every day! Save your money and save Title’s time…

Agree that’s what I do and then follow with a thank you email.

Marketing baskets work for me, but it’s also everything I say after I come in that closes the deal.

Sounds like discrimination on the email part. For those who are not fluent in how email accounts work, Gmail and Outlook (and others) offer “.com” email addresses. You’ll just have to pay for it. Regardless, they utilize the same server regardless of what’s at the end of your email address!

It is a B2B tool so I guess it’s their way of controlling the platform access.