Maryland TIPIC Notary Signing Agents

Hello, Just wanted to Have a place for us to support and chat! Maryland TIPIC’s , Notary Certified Signing Agents. Lets Chat!

Hello. Hope all is well. Who did you study with to get your TIPIC. I am a notary working toward loan signings in Maryland.

Stay safe.

Hello, All is well. I completed my training with

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Hello, I am a Maryland NSA and TIPIC. Happy to join you!

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So the Notary Handbook says we can’t “market under a trade name.” How do you guys market yourself?

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Hello, I only market myself by signing up with lots platforms and title companies and giving perfect signings!
What did you want to do?

I do the same thing that TheresaCathy mentioned, but I also did a little extra that I saw on another forum. I sent emails to the title companies in my surrounding areas, I introduced myself and attached my resume. I have two companies that I sign for outside of the snapdocs and notarycafe platforms.

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Any Maryland Remote Online Notaries (RON)? Which Platform did you choose? My research has been so frustrating.

I took the RON class throught MLTA. But, I am still confused about it. I have been trying to connect with someone in MD who actually use it…the one person I spoke too is using it through the employer. So I left it alone.

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Hey, Lets share as we figure it out. Its definitely going to be the new thing.

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I have been doing some in-depth research into RON. I have made progress and ordered my seal and digital voucher. I found this young lady on Youtube who did an awesome job bringing some clarity to the platform confusion for me - .
List of Maryland Authorized RON vendors -
I registered with Nexsys Clear Sign because it works through SnapDocs and it is actually the cheapest with no upfront cost.

Hope this helps.

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Wow!! Now I am more sure I am on the right track. Today I have ordered my electronic stamp and certificate via NNA and signed up with Nexsys too, Recommended by Amrock, Signature Closers and Snapdocs!!! I did see that video you linked. I will see what happens. Thanks for sharing! I am so obsessed with this process. I think we are definitely on the right track. :smiley:

How come? Nexsys is a recommended platform on the Maryland Notary Division website. I also emailed Nexsys to confirm that the NNA products will work on their platform and they confirmed. You have to make sure that the “Basic Assurance Digital Certificate” from IdenTrust, is compatible with the platform you are using and that the platform is authorized by the State. That was my understanding after all the reading and researching that I did.

Hello @josephkelly4 were you able to complete your TIPIC classes and get your license? I am actually a member with MLTA so I do everything through them. But I also use this website, I found it helpful because it helps me to retain information as I study.

Yes they are recommended by the platform. I am so confused. NNA gave me a refund stating its not accepted in Maryland. Maryland site says something different. He recommended I contact Maryland secretary. I will update once I find more info.

What??? I am going to call NNA, I am beginning to have doubts about them now. I had to email them because they have my commission information all wrong on the website. I just checked their website and it is not up to date. Maryland is not even listed as a State that allows RON - which is inccorrect

Great, I did not cancel my order, because there is a FAQ section on NNA that gives the correct information. I have received my certificate and I am waiting on my seal. I took a RON class with the MLTA, but I am going to register for the one with NNA, it seem to have more visual and may gave a little more understanding of the actual process.

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Who here is newly commissioned? Ironically, I need something notarized myself and would like to give someone experience. Just a simple car title transfer.