Maverick (Auto purchase) signings. Let's nip this in the bud!

I’ve been working with them since 2008 and, until very recently, they have been negotiable on fees and I’ve not done any at the $70 they are now pushing. Recently, I dealt direct with a dealership and it was a win/win for both of us…I got $125 and they saved $70. (Do the math!) In the past, (mileage & travel time dependent), I’ve received from $75 to $150, but now it seems they’ve caught on to the ‘how low will YOU go’ game. Please, notaries, don’t just accept any ol’ offer…NEGOTIATE…or we’ll soon be seeing $60, $50…will you do it for $40…how 'bout $30.


I agree 100%. It is the newbies that are mostly dragging the fees down.

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Question. Are these the same as a DMV doc signings for a credit company? I accepted a signing for DMV docs along with taking a few photos to text and one notarization. The assignment should only take me 20-30 minutes max. What would you accept for a fee for this type of job?

Sounds similar, if not identical to a Maverick one. What did you accept as a fee?

What is your time worth, the cost of all your business expenses, phone, paper, printer internet service, electric, insurance, there is a lot more business expenses that you will need to cover as well, makes a list of all the costs of your business, do not leave out anything, rent for your office space even if its your home, these are all vital resources your business uses and need to be displayed in your fees as well

125.00 for what, a purchase? buyer sell docs, seller docs, or buyer docs. the way I see it is not many people are sticking to their fees, or do not have set fees for their business this also drives down fees. if you want a standard then everyone’s fees need to be set at or above a standard fee. don’t forget 3 party companies use a standard fee to charge then lower that fee to you, so 3rd parties are the problem as well, maybe stop working for them. Then when they cant get notaries to perform the work need then companies might go back to direct contact. There are a lot of issues that need to be addressed and action needs to be taken

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just worked with a title company direct. One refi and a buy. Got 200 for each one and paid in 10 days! good luck to the people wanting to work for free. I will wait them out and make more money and get paid faster,

I got 200.00 for seller docs, LOL. I agree I will not take crap fees, from 3rd party companies, I decline and provide my fees, they try to call me and talk me down. I tell them that is my fee. if you stop accepting crap fees from 3rd parties then title companies will have no choice to contact notaries direct.

I agree re this. I haven’t done Auto signings, most real estate closings, refis, etc. and have done well in the past, usually no leaving the house for less than $125-150 depending where it is. NOW the notary signing companies are low balling because of the notaries who will work for $70-80 … they all destroy it for those of us who have many years experience and are not willing to go backwards to the beginning. I usually explain that I have years and years of experience, haven’t made a mistake from the very beginning and know all my documents blind folded. So, I won’t take those jobs from the low payers. I have informed Timios that I’m not about to go backwards and they know the benefits of dealing with me or notaries like me so not to contact me until they come back into the real world. I will do no closings for under $125.


I do not know what state you are in and I am not new but the fees offered from all the 50 plus companies I have been working with are low. I had a title company that didn’t call me for about 6 months and I usually had 2 signings a week from them so I called to ask “What happened?” and they said my fee schedule is $5 over the area fee - really? So for $5 I lost months of work. Every time I try to get more money if the signing is not far they say they will call me back and don’t. I hold out but my yearly income has gone down by at least 5,000 . I consistently after 7 years still sign with new companies and state my fees. II believe that these companies are paying low and getting notaries that make a lot of errors. The amount of emails from the companies with error rates, error-free instructions, 5 pages of where and how to sign on the documents should tell these companies that if you pay better and rate us, pick your best signing agents to represent your company then you will get quality work . I am in NY, Long Island . The first on my agenda is to increase our $2 notary fee.

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he problem is that experienced notaries advice ne notaries to take whatever comes their way. it is like shooting yourself in the foot. I am new, but I do not want to work for free. I am in this business to make money, and not to give free services. I get low offers, I counteroffer, although never get it accepted. oh, well, for free i can sit at home.

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If you are on FB in all those notary groups, you can see how many notaries advice to take any offer that comes their way, even if you end up working for free, they suggest it is like a free training. I just shake my head, because I don’t have words.