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Continuing the discussion from Inspire Closing Services - FKA Mortgage Connect:
I think we’re seeing the result of a slick organizational structuring to increase tax right-offs, something the banks and mortgage companies have been doing for years, See Everbank/Everhome, Bank of America.N.A./Bank of America Home Loans,Servicing, LP, Countrywide Home Loans;/America’s Wholesale Lender, etc.

I called my contact at Mortgage Connect and she said they are not the same company. Not sure how valid that is, but that is what she told me.

Speaking of Mortgage Connect, I just received an email from them yesterday (5/12/17) asking if they could reduce my rate to $75 from the current $90 they pay me. I don’t think they realize what it takes to get these notarizations done. We accept, we print, we drive, we deal with their client (typically we are the ONLY person they see) we check for correctness and finally we ship. There are various other things that happen, we bookkeep, we buy toner and paper and we buy gas. There is a lot that goes into one signing. We should all really consider the fees we will accept and charge.

Needless to say, I countered with my absolute lowest price, if they don’t want to do business with me that’s ok. I have lots of other business. And, because of their invoicing process and my collection processes with Mortgage Connect they are more difficult than some of the other companies.

Hmmmm. Despite the fact that I read this comment after two years from the post time, I found it very interesting; I signed up with a few companies and filled out the W-9 they provided but I’ve never heard back from them. When I call to know whether my profile is still active, the same answer I hear " your profile is in a good standing with us, we just don’t have signing opportunities in your area right now"