MD TIPIC Training

Hi All,

Anyone know if there is a way to take the TIPIC training in Maryland for less than $575?? I just found out the price and it is a deal-breaker for me; I cannot afford that! or

On the psi exam website it has a list of schools

Hey thank you! Which of their websites has that list? It seems they have a bunch of websites! LOL

See if this link pulls up for you.

When you go to click on government certifications and find Maryland title option through the jurisdiction choices. On the right side panel you should see approved title course schools.

I noticed one of the training classes was $159 - got me wondering - do you think the $575 quote you originally got included not only the course fee but the exam fee, license application fee and the fee for the $150,000 bond you have to post. If so, the $575 was an all-inclusive price for everything you need to be licensed.

Just a thought.

Linda, good thought. But I don’t think that’s the case. I saw nothing in the fee description that discussed those other things. Also, I’m not certain (yet), but I do believe you can get the bond requirements waived.

It doesn’t include any of that. The fee of $575 is for the training in class and for eating, nothing more. In Maryland, we aren’t required to have a bond either.

That’s correct, when you pass the exam for the state and register as a title insurance license producer, you will fill out the form for the waiver if your business is not going to be a corporation and just sole proprietor doing regular signings where other companies will already have their own bonds.

That’s kind of disturbing; so individuals can fly under the radar? You’d think sole props and individuals would have to put up MORE proof than companies.

Linda, I believe you misunderstood what she said: The waivers that TIPICs can file for is for a fidelity bond (for employees, basically, which doesn’t apply for an TIPIC) and for a surety bond (for protection of the public from costs of mistakes made by a Notary). I’m not certain that we can get a waiver for that second one, but I think so.

I signed up for Capeschool, I passed their exam but found out the PSI information was totally different. Capeschool information pertains to California, not my state. I ended up having to teach and research the information myself in order to pass the exam. I also gave Capeschool updates which they then used. However, I was very disappointed because their employees should do their research and update their information as necessary.