Mentor needed in AZ

So my last message got no replies so I will try again :grin:. New signing agent trying to get my first assignment and meet great people. I’ve done lots of networking, contacting other signing agencies, title agencies and agents. All email. Should I try walking in and boldly introducing myself? Any advice appreciated! Thanks in advance

There are quite a few posts here in the forums with suggestions from experienced signing agents on how to get business - have you taken a look at those? You will get a lot of good information from the perspective of many different experienced people by looking at the answers that have already been provided for this question.

Also, finding a local mentor may not be easy, you are basically asking another notary in your area to spend their time training you to be their competition. I have personally only mentored / trained 2 notaries to be signing agents and that was because I have enough business from a builder that it would benefit me to have someone to subcontract to (I make money off of the signings that they do). One of the ladies is a Spanish speaker, which meant I could now make money subcontracting her to do signings that I wasn’t able to do before because of the language issue. The other lady only wanted to do this part time to make a little money on the side so she only does the deals that I send her. She is not interested in going out and getting any other business so I knew she would always be available for the deals I needed her to do.
Honestly, if there was no financial gain in it for me I wouldn’t spend my time mentoring / training someone. It may sound harsh, but it’s the truth.

Hi Kenzie
I,completely understand and yes I have looked at them all and done quite a bit. Perhaps I shoukd have mentioned this is a pt gig for me, evenings and weekends. Trying to pickup the signings others don’t want lol. And you were not harsh, simply honest. I appreciate the feedback. I knew it would not be easy, I was right. I do not wish to take the food from others mouths, my ft job is 6 figures but I need extra for personal reasons. I just need to be patient and persistent I guess, thanks again

I don’t know if there is such a thing as “signings others don’t want.” The only signings that another signing agent wouldn’t want is one with a lowball pay offer. And if that’s the case you shouldn’t take it - signing agents accepting lowball fees hurts everyone.
Good luck in your endeavor!

Hi karolhesd, I’m a CA notary soon to return to AZ. You have to market yourself as a notary for clients available evenings and weekends if you have a day job. There are plenty of borrowers who have jobs and only available to sign after work hours. Google for notary sites who tell how to market yourself. Signing companies are your best bet to get experience but network with notaries in your area for support.

I would like to thank everyone who replied with valuable advice. I plan to take it all into consideration. I will call more companies and ask for “ride alongs” (no pay expected of course). I will take more courses and continue to contact title companies as well, I met a very nice gal at a title agency with wonderful advice!. I feel more confident that my 1st assignment WILL come in time. Patience is the key.