Merritt Services, St. Johns Florida

UPDATE: Merritt did send me the missing $25 fee for a second visit to the customer due to their error after I sent them an email. They made an excuse their bookkeeping was behind, but that fee was included on the invoice they short paid.

Since Merritt Services isn’t listed on Notary Cafe, I feel it necessary to relay my experience with them.

They don’t ask enough from the title company. $175 for a commercial loan was what they received from title. They failed to provide the entire closing package to sign so I had to come back and make a second trip. They had me on a distribution list with title and weren’t following up. So they agreed to pay an additional $25 for the second trip. I sent the invoice with a clear delineation of the second trip to provide additional docs to sign and they didn’t pay it. I decided to check the settlement statement as to why they wouldn’t pay me.

They are one of these agencies that don’t ask enough from their title company to get the business. They are paid $175 that’s way under market fees to accommodate pay with the notary signing agent services in San Francisco on a commercial loan. In other words, If they paid me an additional $25 ($150) they would only make $25 on the signing.

Their agency made an error and it cost me a lot of my time.

  1. Early morning service 8:00 am was provided at borrower’s request.
  2. Free scan backs
  3. I was placed on title’s distribution email list I wasn’t forewarned about.
  4. There were at least 25 emails discussing the mess of missing documents at the signing.

So I guess the moral of the story is watch these agencies that don’t ask enough from title and don’t do much to help notaries either. I personally find agencies like these burdensome and wish title would come directly to us. They settle for less. I will never accept work from them again.

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Appreciate the heads up…